Monday, July 2, 2012

My little baby

Being pregnant has its pluses and minuses.
At my 27 week appointment (3 weeks ago) my doctor told me I needed to cool it with the exercising. My SI joints apparently just are loose because of the hormone relaxin, and every time I run or do anything that puts stress on them causes pain that makes me not be able to SIT or SLEEP. So I went to the chiropractor right before the OBGYN and he said the same thing. So my activities include: Walking, Swimming.
I never swim. I haven't even thought about that. But I think I am going to try it tomorrow because I am cooped up active wise. I wanna play basketball so bad, but I have my own basketball that will just start slamming his head into my hip if I try to do anything more than walking.
Swimming here I come tomorrow morning.
Sorry to anyone in the pool that has to watch my bloated self drown swim.
I won't tell you what gym I go to so you can't go and watch me.
I was an avid yoga goer, but the stretching KILLED my SI joint. Which is basically my butt. Ha! I really couldn't sit in church at all, and had to ice pack if I had to sit anywhere. I still have problems but if I recline it is better.
I always say to Brad, "I feel like a cow." Growing up on a farm I remember those pregnant cows in the heat and how MISERABLE they were. So that's the best description I have when I think about how it feels. My stomach feels tight and out of element. But I love it. I love being pregnant.
And I LOVE feeling him move. People always ask me what it feels like, and my best description is a twitch. A really heavy twitch because you can't control it, but your body is doing it. 
Sometimes my arm will twitch and I will think, "Oh just the baby" Then I think, "Wow I'm crazy."
But that really is what it feels like. Sometimes it hurts, like he is kicking an organ or a rib, or THE BLADDER. It is a hurt have to pee feeling. 

The feeling of having a baby inside of you is the most spiritual, heartwarming, exciting experience of a lifetime, and I am SO blessed to have been so LUCKY to get pregnant so quickly and when I wanted to. I love my little M so much. So so so so so so so much.

And I think he is going to be so stylin and stellar in these bad boys.
Oh what!! You have never heard of G diapers. Well, you must educate yourself.
My mother in law was so kind to just buy me enough until my baby doesn't wear diapers anymore!!
That's right folks, I won't have to buy diapers its done.
Be jealous, or not jealous of me scraping poo. 

Don't worry they have a throw away insert as well, so if I get crazy and want to NOT wash poo I can.
But I am not sure if I like them or not. 
I will tell you if I love them come September when little M gets here.

Oh PS Chels and I are featured on groopdealz right now with our baby wraps...pretty exciting stuff. Check us out


Natalie said...

So so so cute. Everything about you is cute. You're not a cow, but sorry you feel like one. Can't wait for your babe to get here!

Sally said...

Did you mean 27 week appointment? 37 seems a little far along don't you think? :)