Monday, September 10, 2012

Apple Festival

It's my due date and here I rest at home with no signs of labor, and no signs of getting close either.
So I've given myself a full list of things to do today as to not remind myself that I should be in the hospital giving birth. I already had my breakdown, and now I am so happy with life after releasing all those built up feelings that were just ready to explode.

And Brad and I's theory is...if you don't feel great, you need a good cry to your husband, tell him all the things that bother you from, Oh hey we moved a few states away and didn't know a soul when I was 8 months pregnant, to...the tub is too narrow and I love taking baths but now I can't enjoy a bath as much as I used to be able to. Which are both valid things to cry about here.

But I think it was a good well worth it breakdown. An organized breakdown, a structured this is what is wrong while Brad lays by be on the bed and says, "I'm sorry baby." Over and over again.
He can't change anything that I WAS upset about, but he can relate to this overwhelming feeling I had.

You see since we have moved here I have only cried a handful of times, and usually its short like 1 minute and its because I'm worried about my little baby, or on my birthday I missed my family. I have been MRS. Positive, oh this is so great my husband is finally doing his dream thing! But I needed that cry that covered all the things I'm struggling with, and then, I'm MRS. positive again :)
-New move, 8 months pregnant
-I didn't think I could go another week, alone, with nothing to do, 9 months +pregnant
-He told me he was starting the test studying schedule again: which means he is gone 7:30 AM to 11 PM and comes home at 11 and has to study more. (That could make anyone cry, you don't even have to be pregnant)
-What am I going to do here with no family and a brand new baby? I am used to working full time plus something else on the side, ALWAYS! Hello RUDE awakening.
-I miss my family, and his family
-I miss Utah. I know what to do there, that was home....this is still foreign.
-And big MAIN huge one: I want this baby in my arms, and I don't want to be induced, but I don't want to go more than a week over, and I want my mom to be here, and I don't want to go through changing her flight etc.

I think those could all use one good cry over. Then, I got over it. Because I can't change anything, and after my cry its like......they all disappeared. And I can't tell you what a release it was. And I knew I had to be over it when Brad started taking pictures of me crying...and he was following me around as I shut doors in his face, and it just ended in us laughing and me crying/laughing and realizing I was better. Now I am ready to go a week overdue if that is the case. I just rejuvenated myself. Plus my mom flies in tomorrow, and is here for a good week. That's enough to be SO happy about.

Now on to this apple festival. I mentioned I got a new camera, so I had to test it out. Brad and I were all we had done was visit Dairy Queen and Walmart and we needed to get out. So when our friends: The Jones Family said they were going to this apple festival. We needed to go!

Okay I am going to apologize for the over load of pictures. And BLESS my new camera. I can't believe I LIVED without it.

We started the drive. It was outside of Lubbock.

Sometimes I just take pictures of green things because they are rare around here okay.

This is where we were headed. The entire trip Brad and I worked on pronouncing this. Do you say Idalou like I says its name? Or do you say Idalou like Isabel???? Then Brad kept saying it in a spanish Brad I don't think so. This place is just like 15 minutes outside of our city Lubbock.

Sometimes I can't get over the sky vs. no mountains.

Sometimes I just take a picture every second. Then I see the sky and I this Texas Sky.

And then I can't stop.

Oh and Brad said this to me, "Tanner and Landon would be in pivot heaven."

So I took a few pivot pictures. They grow cotton here. I don't know if this is cotton. I didn't look close enough. But I don't think it is. Tanner and Landon my elder brothers....(I have 2 older brothers and 6 younger brothers) run a pivot company. They install/fix/build/everything pivots.

This picture is through the windshield, and it was a gloomy day.......kinda chilly. Which my hot 
sausage links hands and feet love.

They had everything at this place. I just liked watching things. Roasting peppers in a rolly polly thingy.

You pick your apples then weigh them....39 cents a pound. Good Dealio.

Carissa and her sweet baby Koyle. He doesn't crack a smile this entire adventure, unless his dad is holding him apparently. Stay tuned.

The petting zoo, where Justin and Matthew (Carissa's husband and 3 year old son) partake of. The 1 goat and 3 sheep, and sleeping/dead pig.

Hello Goat!

Dead Pig.

Grass for goat.

Koyle!!!! Just smile. Those droopy eyes are so cute :)

Justin and Matthew.

Produce booths and goody goods booths.

Is Brad's face wierd in this picture??? Sorry hun. Bag for bagging apples.

I like this picture because of the sky??!?!?!?!?!?!??! Isn't it crazy. Someday I'll get over it.

Jones Family.

+ Brad

So Romantic.

I'm waiting for a beautiful girl to run to him and as he scoops her up and kisses her and swings her around in this beauty....then I remember he loves me and I am so 9 months pregnant and can't run and he can barely pick me up let alone spin me around. . . So that visual died pretty fast.

We got the good ole' country feel.

And we had to venture awhile out to actually find apples.

There were plenty rotten ones on the ground.

Sometimes a camera makes everything all better.

Like it makes a dumb picture look really good.

Then they had to expect us to eat some apples, I mean we paid 3 dollars to get in......we deserve an apple or two.

Matthew even peed in the trees....what do you do? No pottys nearby...then he says, "MOM LOOK I AM PEEING ON THE APPLES." Great accomplishment Matthew.

See Koyle is just a fun filled, excited about life kinda kid.

Brad got a hair cut after this apple festival, and we don't realize how bad it is...then we look at those sideburns and he says, "WHY didn't you tell me they were stringy and curly and homeless looking?" And I say, Well.....thats why I told you just to wear your hat everyday :)

I threw an apple, then Matthew just threw apples the rest of the time. Whoops.

We are getting closer to a smile. But at one point Carissa said, "Justin can you get Koyle, he ate another rotten apple." Gross.

Brad wouldn't put an apple in the bag if it had even a TINY teeny blemish on it. So our apples are pristine. 

Boring picture made better.

Look at that shiner. Come take a bite through the screen. Crunch.

Oh Hey Dad!!!!!!! You make me smile! (No offense mom)

He just wouldn't grab the apple.

Now he found an apple. Let's take note.

This apple needs to be in my mouth....Right....


I was there.

Apples Apples Apples!
Now our fridge is full of apples. But The Jones Family will be pushin pies and all sorts of things apples. While we just snack ours.
Thank you apple festival.

Now I'm going to go jump on a trampoline. And if that doesn't work I'll talk to you soon to keep myself sane/busy/not so baby hungry.
Happy due date to me!

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Money and Moni said...

We're in Texas too, but I wish we were closer! It will be so wonderful once that baby is in your arms! * Crossing fingers and sending labor vibes your way that he comes soon!