Saturday, September 29, 2012

2 weeks!

My little sweet cheeks is 2 weeks old today.
I didn't think time would go this fast.
I can't let him grow up!
He can't grow up!
I need him to stay itty bitty with his little ankle bones and little calves and little quad muscles.
My favorite muscles on his body is his little shoulders.
Now you are thinking, OH PUKE Brittany now you are going to be the person that only talks about their baby.
Talk about something else!
Well I get it now, mom's only talk about their babies because their babies are their world and make them so happy, so they think they make everybody else just as happy.
Which they probably do.
How can they not?

Thank you for all of your comments on my birth post. I loved writing it, and I am so glad I did, so I am glad you enjoyed it as well. It was seriously one of my greatest experiences.
 A very hard thing was my mom leaving right as we left the hospital. She needed to go home, but I would have given anything to have here that next week.
I had no idea how hard it would be.
Miles was perfect.
My recovery has been hard.
But that's just birth recovery. And I did it alone, Brad had to come home from school a few times. I just was in a lot of pain etc...
But Miles, is my perfect baby.
Except last night him waking up every hour because I think he was having some serious intestinal issues. Probably from the habanero bbq almonds I ate......Never eatin those again.
I can't wait to show his girlfriends these pictures.

He already has an iron man arm like his dad. 
His future GFs are gonna love this one. They are gonna eat it right up.

These were all taken when he was 9 days old.
I took this today, he was sleeping away when I started this post so I wasn't going to photo shoot him.
With my cell phone.

Although he loves photoshoots!

He looks so burly in all the other ones but he really is a skinny little guy.

His belly button fell off today. Well his umbilical cord.

Brad said, "I looked in the bed and saw an umbilical cord. That's not something you see everyday."

Okay these I took today after he woke up.

Happy 2 weeks sweet cheeks!

I didn't use natural light, or a flash so he sorta has jaundice....

But seriously........he loves his parents.

Pre Cry face.

He needs to grow hair up front cuz he looks like he has a receding hair line.

His faces are so varied. You never know what you can get.

NO U-Cord!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!
Now we just wait for aunt Chelsea to fly in and meet Miles.
We are so excited! 
Aunt Lindsay and Grandma Rachelle are already here.
We have just been having a party.


Meag-a-Leigh said...

Brit he is just so dashing!!! I am so happy for you

Meag-a-Leigh said...

Ps the one were he is flexing his arm is one the most awesome baby pics I have ever seen lol

Erica+Matson said...

SO cute. seriously.

Scott Dodds said...

Seriously Britt, some babies look like aliens, but Miles is SO. DANG. CUTE!!!!!!!

Scott Dodds said...

Oops, that's from Karissa :-)

Alison Richards said...

Oh my goodness! I just love him already! Congrats Brittany and Brad. Try and take a picture of him at least once a week and look back at them and see how much he changes as he grows. Can't wait to see who he looks like! Either way he'll be good looking just like his parents! Take care!

Natalie said...

Oh. My. Goodness! He is sooo adorable! You can already tell he looks like Brad. That's crazy.

So so so so so so cute. And so so so so so happy for you. :)