Monday, September 3, 2012

Baby M's Nursery

I am in full throttle mode now.
I bought a boppy, rock and play sleeper, and a new camera today.
Behold, one of the first pictures taken with new camera. Brad took yes my shirt is tucked in fingers are 'mini hotdogs' (Brad always says that) and my belly has tripled in size these past few weeks. And not to mention those b**bs. Better for breastfeeding as my doctor says.

Brad said to me: Next time you say you want to run a few errands I'll remember that means you are going to drop $1000.

NOT TRUE. I had gift cards for everything but the camera.

That means I officially have EVERYTHING I NEED!!!!!
So he needs to come now.

But now that I am ready, I can show you his room. It has taken me the entire month I have lived here to just get everything just right.

Two days ago Brad and I conquered the bookshelf, which I tried to put up myself, but apparently 2 nails into drywall won't hold all the books.

Dresser: Brad owned before and Chels and I painted it gray before we moved. with 14.00 paint.
Giraffe pic, painted by mwah.

Rocking chair: LOVE! Amazon 89.00, but with points almost free.
Shelf: 14.99 with 1/2 coupon at craft store, painted with paint I already had.
Books: 1/50th of the books I own, not even 1/2 of the BOARD books I own. But thats from being a K teacher and collecting.

Changing table 15.00 KSL painted before we moved out here with Chels' leftover paint.
Shelves: Craft store 6.00 with coupon, painted gray....with paint I had.
Rocking horse: 29.99 at craft store, 1/2 off with coupon, painted with paint I had. 

Crib and mattress: KSL 60.00
Banner: Made by my lovable sister Summer.
Quilt: Made by wonderful Chelsea (Brad's sister)

Down comforter: Mom gift to me.
Bear: Gift to me by aunt Jannette. Thank you I love it! Also, Jannette gave me the adorable colorful wooden balls which are on display on the above shelves. 

This picture better outlines the quilt........

Did you need another view...I think so.

Bookshelf of death, fell on me like 6 times.
Notice the abc poster which I posted about a few days ago. Cutesy.

It just is so wonderful.
Now that his room is ready. He needs to be here. Now. Right now.
Actually I am still missing his changing pad for the changing table.. . . 
But I am buying it on Amazon soon.

Now, lets talk seriously. I need this baby to come this week. If you have ever been 9 weeks pregnant in Texas you understand. Or even 9 months pregnant 7 days from your due date. You will understand.

Everything aches. I mean...everything. And your anxiety to see the little guy becomes too intense. Too hard to handle. So bless him if he decides to come early.

Although a girl told me today, "Some days you will want to trade your child in for a new pair of boots."

I won't say a word about just make your own judgement call on that one.

PS, Brad took his first test in Med school, and of course did just how he wanted if not better, and since I can't post scores because that is bragging, he did well, just know that....and he deserved it and worked so hard.

He woke up morning of the test after stressing to DEATH about it and flapping his arms and looking green said, "I'm going to throw up."
I assured him by putting my hands on his shoulders and rubbing his arms, "You have over studied for this test, you will do well, I know you will."
Then I went on to tell him he needed to eat something for breakfast, toast, banana, cereal, something....he refused said if he ate he would get diarrhea. He is one of those people who has the nerves that make his intestines over work.. . . I laugh at him and have my back turned and next thing I know he is eating a packaged rice krispy treat....
Ya! That's brain food, and that won't give you diarrhea at all.
His friends then informed me he stood outside the test room 30 minutes early just pacing. I am SO glad he is done with that first test, for everyone's sake, but mostly his...

Now medical school/doctor type people thank you. Thank you for doing what you do, because I could never ever not ever.

And Baby M better come early! I need him here! To hold and dress and hold, and take care of.


Erica+Matson said...

The room is SOOOO cute. Love the rocking horse. And freak you found that crib and stuff for a steal of a deal! Wow. Tell Brad to not complain like look at the baby's room.

Mary Curtis said...

I love the room! You are literally superwoman. <3 miss you.