Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Easter Time

I debated whether or not to do anything for Easter-back and forth back and forth.
Brad and I had this huge money discussion and realized we had $30.00 left for the month after we had paid for all of our normal expenses (bills). (Don't feel too bad for us, its just because we had to buy some plane tickets, several hundreds of dollars for prep materials for an important test for Brad, and we went on a big trip to Dallas for spring break) So I knew we had no money, and that always depresses me, so I just didn't want to buy anything for Easter baskets.
Then I stopped being a downer went to the dollar store spent 10 dollars and had a ballin Easter.
It didn't even matter what I put in the baskets, just the fact that there was some baskets to rummage through made our house spirits shoot through the roof.
I hid the baskets and Miles crawled to his immediately.
My mom got Miles this Easter basket before Miles was even born. I would say it is a true treasure. He really appreciated its baseball theme.

He has started to be really scared of my flash. And it cracks me up, he squints before I even take the picture, just preparing for the brightness of it all.

We had to bribe him a little with a nice crisp plastic item.
Ya, he doesn't give an easter egg about the chocolate candy, its plastic that gets him a movin.

He was over there in no time, grabbed it tipped it over, and was chewing on everything before we knew it.

Also, who knew the dollar store produced such great toys. We have a squirty boat for the bathtub, links on a hook, a foam football, and bubbles. And an easter egg, that the easter bunny ate later. 
(I'm the easter bunny if you were unaware)

See that large scratch on his cheek. Yes that was me. I somehow managed to scratch him or make him scratch himself while I was trying to get a large booger in his nose. I think he did it to himself because he always brings his hands up and tries to push mine away in a very vigorous manner. Luckily it wasn't bleeding, and only parts of it scabbed. I'm a meanie.

Brad scored water guns, a back massager, plastic practice baseballs, Cadbury eggs, and some chocolate peanut butter eggs. Just today he said, "I didn't get to eat both my eggs." Then he had a large frownie face on his face.
I said, "Uh Easter was a week ago, I ate your other one long ago. Sorry babes."
His frown just got bigger.
PS, Maybe I'll get the stroller out of my front room so all my pictures aren't haunted by it.
Once again, who knew the dollar store produced such gems?

See how Miles is up on his feet and hands...cracks me up, he bear crawls, and sometimes gets on one hand and I think he is about to stand. 

I think I am about ready to just crash every day at about 7:30 PM. He wears me out. He is so active and crawling all over, and constantly into something. I knew this day would come, but it just seems like yesterday he would just sit and play with his toys. Now he is always playing cat and mouse with a ball all around the house, always going too fast on the tile and losing his balance and crashing on his head. Even holding him is a real chore. He wants everything around you and is reaching and going and singing and grabbing and laughing and drooling up a storm.
I am already having anxiety about a plane ride by myself with him on the way to Utah in late April.
Which by the way, I'm going to UTAH!!! WAHOO!!
Thanks to Sally being Valedictorian at UVU, and Echo getting called on a mission to Argentina and going through the temple in the same day. Its going to be one of those overloaded days.

Let's finish with a eyes closed Miles picture.
My favorite thing about him this week is when he gets into something he shouldn't and I say, "Miiiillllleeeeessss."
And he turns around looks at me for a minute, smiles slyly and then goes at full speed for whatever he isn't supposed to be doing.
It has begun.