Sunday, April 7, 2013

Meet My Siblings Day 6: Meet Ethan

Ethan is my little brother. My little brother that has dark brown hair and big blue eyes. He is my little brother that was quiet and reserved as he watched the happenings unfold.  He grew up too fast. I say that about all my little siblings but seriously he did. One second he is a little runt, the next he is dunking a basketball.
He has always been the quiet one, but when we get talking, he can laugh and talk with the rest of us.
Don't worry he isn't a complete recluse. 

He recently sprained his ankle in an alumni game.
I keep getting pictures from family members of it.
Grossy josie.
He is in the middle of track season where he has been winning the high jump left and right. He is just a junior-so its not the end of his high school season.
Like I have said before, sometimes I feel like I still think all my siblings are 6 years younger than they really are, I still see them as they were when I left home. But I try to call home and if a sibling answers I try to talk to them for longer than "Hey is mom home?"
Once I called Ethan to talk to him and got an entire 45 minutes of conversation out of him.
My mom was in shock when I told her.
Granted half the conversation was me asking questions and him responding with "ermmmm I dunno."
So it may not have been a full blown convo, but it counted for something. 
I was asking him about his career choices, he talked about maybe a police officer maybe too dangerous, maybe a fireman, maybe a farmer, then we got down to the grind-he likes engineering stuff. 
Okay sweet-engineering. 
My mom was in pure shock when I told her that.
The things that can happen when you talk to someone in true real intention to get to know them.
By golly.
I asked what Ethan wanted for Christmas/or his birthday pretty much jerky and gatorade. 
Well that must be a hot item there.
Well when you live 30 minutes away from a little dinky convenient store and a gatorade probably cost $3.75 and a small piece of jerky is $1.75, ya that would be a good gift.
You see if something yummy is at my house it is gone in less than 20 minutes.
I brought home some 'sugar' cereal once.... it wasn't even breakfast lunch or dinner and every person in the kitchen poured themselves a bowl and it was just gone. Bam.
Candy has to be hidden and disguised or it will just be gone in 2 minutes.
Jerky-jerky doesn't even last 1 minute.
One time I ripped open a bag in front of probably 10 family members, and every single person swarmed me and took a piece or two. Gone. Before I can even reach my hand in.
So that makes sense why Ethan would ask for jerky or gatorade.
When the store is so far away you get delicious fever, and no toast and jam is going to give you your fix.
So basically what I am trying to say...he isn't completely crazy for asking for it.

He acts like he doesn't like Miles, but he for sure does. I saw him playing with him when nobody was looking. And Ethan is a girl magnet. 

This is at my wedding reception in Standrod I think....
See I JUST GOT MARRIED....(4 years ago) and how did he turn into a MAN since then.

He's taller than Brad!!!!!!!!
I love seeing Brad bond with my brothers...brings a warm feelign to my heart.

This was over a year ago, so he has grown a bit. And I think I was tip toeing.

Ethan is number 11, and a good one at that. Quiet, reserved, can laugh at anything, still lets me call him eefee, and doesn't mind if I kiss him on the cheek.
He will still be my little brother, as tall as he is.

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