Monday, April 1, 2013

Miles Six Months

My I ever late on this! Well better late than never. I still haven't finished Brad's Valentine present from 3 years ago. Now does that give me anxiety at night or what!

Well Miles. My little Miles. He has just become busy. My busy bee. I can barely keep up with him.
He started crawling 3 days after he turned six months. We knew it was coming. He was sitting up very well at 4 months, and started getting on his hands and knees at 5 months, then started scooting and rocking and then walah....he was crawling. Thanks to Uncle Landon's endless practice with him when he came for two days. He was a drill sergeant. And Miles would fall from his hands and knees onto his back, Landon would say, "Come on! Don't give up get up and try again!" Then he would put Miles up and try to bribe him with his cell phone to come get it. Miles didn't crawl for him then, but as soon as he left he started moving those hands and legs, I swear it was because of Landon's endless practice. 
This following photo shoot is a perfect display of Mr. Miles. He is active, drooly, happy, and driven to get what he wants.
This was the best picture. After this we just obsessed over that paper six.

And I would try in every way to get another picture with the six. But all he wanted to do was put it in his mouth. And no matter where I put it, he would get to it.

He is so active and observant, and watches everything that is going on. He went through a moment of sleeping so bad, where he would wake up not exaggerating, every hour or 2ce every hour. I thought I was going crazy. I would have to take a nap every day when Brad got home. And the only way I could get more than an hour straight is if I slept with Miles right on me. But that was horrible sleep as well. So I think I said my crying prayers hard enough because he started only waking up twice (which is what he did normally since like 4 months). Once at like 11 PM, which was easy and nice because I would just be going to bed, then he would wake up again at four or five and I would feed him then he would sleep till nine. I finally felt like I could think straight again! I finally understood those people who said, "Enjoy sleeping through the night, you will never do it again." Because up until this point he had usually had a few nights that were bad here and there, but he was a good sleeper. Then it was about 3 weeks straight of horrible sleeping. Uhhhhggg I am so glad we strayed from that. It may have been a bad head cold infection he had, or teething, or both. I wish he could talk. Because I feel like I give him gas medicine, then tylenol, then teething tablets. And maybe just maybe, if I knew what the problem was, we could just stick to one of those. 

He grabs at everything, this entire time he was either going for the camera, or the paper six. Nothing can be within 3 feet of him if you don't want it grabbed and in his mouth, or all over you: my drink, my food.

He is dedicated, and determined. Also very independent. I can sit him on the floor with his toys for so long before he acts like he wants anything to do with me. But at the same time he LOVES to play. He loves to be thrown, rolled around, tickled, wrestled and talked to. He also is very loud. He yells and talks to his toys and to anything. Every morning when he wakes up he will just be singing and talking at the top of his lungs. He is also kinda a little punk. If he doesn't get what he wants he can throw a little tantrum.

But when he gets excited or mad he throws his arms out and makes this face and makes a little scream grunt..makes me laugh every time. 

I love his little hands, they are always reaching, chewing, crawling, scratching, grabbing and going. They NEVER stop. I will go check on him at night and he will be asleep, but scratching the sheets. At night when I nurse him he will be asleep and has my arm skin in his hand just doing what we call the motorcycle. He grabs something and revs it up like he would if he were holding a motorcycle handle. My busy bee.

I love everything about him. His cheeks, his eyes, his blonde hair, his GROWING hair. We almost can say he has hair at this point.

I love his little mouth. He started giving kisses and he will grab my face and claw and pull himself forward mouth open give a kiss and pull away so sweet. Or I will make kiss noises and he will slowly come in with his mouth open and I will say, "Oh thank you that was so sweet and he will shyly smile."
I LOVE that his personality is starting to shine through. We always knew he would be active, since the womb his non stop rolling and kicking and jiving should have warned us, but even as a newborn he would lay on your chest and scoot off, he rolled over at 3 weeks! He scooted his legs up and plopped him right over. He is such a good boy though. He only cries-really crying, when he is scared, sad, hungry, tired, or hurt. And once we fix the problem, he is done. He just hangs out with us, and loves watching stuff. He is the best baby when we are going and doing something (which makes me want to get out more). If we go on a walk he will just be silent the entire time, soaking everything in and watching everything. He LOVES his stroller. He is a good traveler, and just plays with toys and looks out the windows. 

He also LOVES his daddy. They play and play and PLAY together endlessly. Brad will throw him on the love sac 100xs. Or he will play the piano with him, or play his guitar, then move to his electric guitar, all the while, Miles just watching and hanging out. He has just started to ask for us and want us to play with him. When Brad stops playing with him he will let out a little whine, then Brad will come back and he will smile and slap his legs so excited. He loves to play.

I love this picture! He was crawling towards me and he is always looking for something and even right now as I type he is trying to pic up a little feather that is on the ground and he tires and tries and tries and even yells at it before he moves on. He will sometimes find a glitter speck and try to pic it up for like 5 minutes! I don't even notice that little speck! Now he is scratching the wall over and over again. he just cracks me up, how busy and curious he is. My new favorite thing he does is get into a downward dog position (non yoga peeps: its like up on his hands and knees, then if you were to keep your hands on the floor and go up onto your feet in an upside down V shape). Cracks me up. He then will crawl like that. I guess its like a V walk. I don't know but its funny.

He doesn't cuddle. No siree. He is too busy to cuddle. If you try to pull him close to you he will push off your chest and just try to look around, the only way I can get him to focus on me is if I start singing a song or doing kiss noises or tickling him with my biting and growling sounds.

Everywhere we go he smiles at everyone and I feel like I can't go anywhere without at least ten people cooing and talking to him. The other day at the grocery store, this lady with no teeth and halitosis just kept talking and talking to him, she went on to tell me how her youngest was 22, and she just missed having babies around so much. She touched his feet and cooed and smiled at him and he cooed and smiled back. At first I just wanted her away from my baby, but then I saw in her eyes that she was kind and just wanted to soak up the baby love. So many people will tell me how much the miss their babies. One lady just said, "Oh I just miss the baby days." I said, "Even getting up in the night!!!??" She said, "Well, yes, you will never have those moments with them again."
Even now typing that I can just cry. After she said that, I always hold him and try to just soak it in at night when he is still and asleep on my chest. I used to BE so ANXIOUS about him sleeping with me and worried I would ruin all his sleep schedule that I should so firmly be setting. Now I just savor his littleness. I just want him to be little forever, and when he is sick, he sleeps so much better if he is just with me. And my anxiety is gone about doing everything right. Now it is about raising my baby, because he will only be a baby 1 time. And that's enough to make me cry. And never again will I cuddle my six month old Miles in my bed in the morning when he is sick. So I need to just hold on to these moments. 

Hold on to my little baby being a baby. Love the moments where he is changing and growing. Love the stage he is in.

Oh I love his little tantrums. He will throw his head back and let out a grunt cry. He can be so grumpy if he doesn't get what he wants, but he is easily distracted. You just show him something new and he usually forgets.

Now that he is mobile that means he gets more bonks. He has fallen way hard on the tile a few times and just barely he was crawling and reached for something and didn't notice that he would drill his head on the corner of the wall if he reached for it. Just yesterday we were having Easter dinner with our friends and their little boy Matthew had a plastic golf club and swung it right into Miles' face as Miles was crawling around. Ouchy. He screamed and cried and man it breaks your heart to see your little baby hurt, but after a little bloody nose and some motrin it was all better. It will just happen and we just are going to get bonks!

We went swimming and he loves that, he could spend hours in the water and splash splash and forget about hunger and fatigue! Playing is so much more fun! He loves blowing spit bubbles with his lips and will do it all the time. I am VERY scared to take him on a plane because he doesn't sleep just with you holding him. He has to be nursing or in a quiet dark place. And he gets GRUMP when he is tired and starts yelling and mad at everything. 

This is my new attempt at getting the six in some pictures without him destroying it.

It was a failed attempt.

And he just got mad.

So sad. My little cheeky.
 I want to savor every little moment with him, and so many times I just panic and say, "This is all going too fast! He is growing up and I don't even realize it. I need to video his every moment and every second so I can remember these times!!"
And thats when I cry and panic and just remember that is my purpose is to raise him to be such a good man, and this is why you can have more than one child. But man I love him, and I want him to be little forever, but that just isn't possible. So I try to take enough videos without filling all of my hard drives to the max.
We love calling him all sorts of things: Mr. Miles, cheeky, pumpkin, pumpkin pie, little cheeky doo doo. Sweetie heart, sweetie love, love, honey bear, honey bear bear.

Oh how the bink makes everything better.
Brad and I will just say, "Go bink him."
We didn't realize how weird that sounded until our friend Kevin made fun of us for it.

My little determined, too busy to sleep, just wants to play all day, loves water, loves music, loves crawling, loves chewing, loves his mommy and daddy, loves socializing, loves food, loves going on walks, and most of all loves being our sweet Miles.

Happy six months baby boo.

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