Friday, February 6, 2009

Wanna see my pantry?

So I lived in Standrod for 17 years of my life. I am now 20 (almost 21-if 7 months is almost) and these three years I have felt motherless, starved, and alone. Let's start with motherless.
My mother didn't really mind if I cooked something and didn't clean it up. My mother made me eat all the time, and she made me eat healthy. My mother made sure I took all my vitamins, my mother loved me. She also made sure I slept enough. So I'm motherless.

When I was in my Grandmother's kitchen I saw this sign. My Uncle Jed (my grammas youngest son) thinks he is really funny. I thought it was funny. Basically all of my aunts and uncles don't have to clean up for themselves, but the grandkids do. But you got that...moving on.

So I am motherless. Next point I need to make. Starved. I have lots of food in my cupboards. Isn't cupboard a lovely word, you thing it should be spelled cuboard, but its not. Unless I am a terrible spelling and spell realize like this. Realise. I have food, but I still feel like I need to eat all the time, what a piece of toast with jam and no butter isn't a good dinner. Or a can of cold spaghettios isnt that healthy for breakfast? Wow, I have problems. So I have been eating like this for three years and I'm afraid if I started eating/cooking 3 meals a day I would put on some pounds. Love handles, yuck. Don't tell me you think I look good with love handles. Nobody looks good with love handles. Unless they are under a parachute, but then they look like a parachute. Anyway, I love myself I really do, don't take this wrong.
Uh if I had my Standrod Pantry..I would be healthier, and I would eat happier. Be a happier eater? Whatever Here is my parents pantry.
We have all this powdered milk. We have for years. I think we use it when someone forgets to buy milk at the store. Its not like we can run to the store to get chocolate chips for our cookies. The store is a half hour away, and on dirt roads, and that store has like 6 items which are all over priced. Bottle of water 10.99. Supply and Demand now.
Toliet paper, Campbells, olives (yuck), sugar, flour, huge amounts, doesnt matter if someone eats your food, because it would feed an army. At least for a day.
When we want to get something on the top shelf, we have to put one foot on one side and climb up,and the other foot on the other side, its like 15 feet high. My parents planned it so you would have to climb and get exercise to reach your food, burn calories. No really, they did plan to climb thats why the built them narrow. May I add that hiding spots are great in this pantry, and whenever we had candy we would check the usual spots, then tear the pantry apart if we couldnt find stuff.
Starting from the bottom, thats honey. Lifetime supply for one person no doubt, about a year for my family, maybe less. Cake mixes up from that, thats for all the freakin birthdays we have. Then you see salad dressing. A lot of it. Salsa over from that. Looks like we are running low, only have two. Then you see other stuff. If you wonder how we even keep our pantry remotely clean, its costco. They do it for us. We have a large probably 5,000 purchase from costco that allows us to be motivated for space, so we clean the entire pantry to fit the new supplies. Welcome to my pantry. Or what I wish was my pantry. The barrels of stuff you saw..thats flour and sugar and no beer.

Now dealing with alone. My whole life, I had this.

Now I just have this.
Him. He is my brother. Landon.
Him. He is my other. (Note: He is in band. Picture taken at Velour)
Her. Sister. Brooke. I wish it was summer, and my legs looked tan, and I could wear short shorts. Hello Feb, come on to me July.

Now for a short update of my life. Still in school. Still spending all my time with this opposite sex character.

That may have sounded resentful or mean, it wasn't but he does consume me. No he doesn't eat me consume, just consume my thoughts, time, and texting. Yes I text him all the time when I am not with him. I thought it would die out after 3 months! whoa three months!!!! What are we going to do four our three months anniversary. Watch School of Rock? Drink Inka Kola? Okay. Sometimes I feel like nobody reads down here so I write random probably personal things. Whatever. I guess I should stop talking, typing. And end this post so you all can get back to your normal life. Oh be prepared for the next post. Its probably gonna be about my Grandma. Ya be ready.

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Crystal said...

At first I thought you meant you wished summer was in that picture with you instead of brooke ;)