Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'd Like You all To Meet My Boyfriend.

First comment I would like to make is....his shirt is not purple. But his earplugs are and  his guitar looks like it is. But its blue. I was corrected. the light reflects off the earplugs and makes his shirt look purple, its grey... I seriously have always wanted to spell grey, gray. It just makes so much more sense.  Regardless of the spelling of grey... I would like to completely introduce you to Brad. I know you have gotten bits and pieces of him, but let me tell you a few important things. In this video I have here I kinda thought you might be able to see the crowd so I swung the camera around, when that part comes up just close your eyes or look at the picture of your great great great grandparents that you know you have next to your desktop. (I know Brooke has one...of at least our might not be by her desktop but just know she has one).  And...sorry this is the only image of him being the drummer...It really is hard to capture him as a drummer. You try  holding the camera above your head and pushing the button in the middle of sweaty chaos. I need to invent a extenda-viewfinder. And an extenda-arm to push the button. Oh its a tripod. I need that. I was picturing a long tube similar to that of a vacuum cleaner tube that you deattach, and vacuum with. I pictured that hooked to the viewfinder and then to my eye. Shows how advanced I am. Anwyay...Brad as a drummer. This is my best one, all the other ones of him as a drummer he wasn't even in them.

 So another item of necessary information is that I captured a smile from Bradley. None of our pictures will ever be smiling because of his chewing gum to the beat habit. That's a habit we dont even want to try to break. Breaking habits for Brad would be like for me to stop taking pictures of myself. Impossible. I should go through my archives and post a blog of all the pictures I have taken of myself. You will find me in Canada, Texas, Peru, United States, everywhere. Except places I haven't been. Back to Brad. He doesn't smile, so I captured in this video an actual smile of his. I almost said smile of  him. That could mean something more than I wanted it to. So thank you to the person in the middle who helped him smile. I am pretty sure it was the guy will clown looking shoes and way too tight of jeans that were totally girly and a v-neck shirt that had butterflies on it. Also the swoop hair do. Thank you Emos for supporting Brad's band, and making him smile. Minus the butterflies, everything was true. He didn't make me smile, I just stared. Rude probably. No, its what he obviously wants if he walks around like that. 

Wow I could have just said, this is Brad, in his band. But instead I wrote this huge long dissertation of boringness. Wow Brooke just came in and reminded me of all the work we need to do for Amanda's shower. Lucky you, this blog of boringness ( I like that better, alliteration in it is nice) will be shorter now. is some news. You know how I said Brad doesn't read my blog? He did. And now he threatens me to build his own blog and I quote 'murder you on it' okay, he might have said something different, but its on my facebook wall, you can look at it if you need the exact quote. But then, he tried to comment on my blogpost and couldn't even figure that I dropped all worry of him creating a blog and trying to 'destroy my dignity' (I am really good with alliteration today and I like it). So, I guess forever this will be my blog talking about Brad. Don't take forever as a hint or anything. I just smiled. Ha. now to the more gushy lovey stuff. Everytime Brad has a concert he doesn't really invite anyone, and he barely invites me. Just because he doesn't like to announce his talents to the world and come off as...obsessed with himself. (Even though, we all know he is...jk ....I promise he isnt..I am, he isnt. It has to be that way or we wouldnt be together). But I wouldn't miss it, even if I feel like his face is so far away from me in the crowd and everytime I try to get closer to the stage somebody hits me in the face with a swinging arm, or turns around into me and elbows me into the chest. I almost said the other word for chest, but then I stopped and remembered this is a family blog, and I wouldn't ever want it to be blocked on BYU campus. Yikes. So I go to his concerts and I see him in his element and think of how lucky I am to have such a talented, kind, and hot guy. (I put hot last so you will know that is not the most important thing you single ladies). So now that the mushy stuff is over, I can tell you what he got me...for .... VDAY!! 

So....this might be a little...uh....too much for the blog, but its cute and funny. (Both boring words that I usually avoid). So the previous boyfriend whom I cannot name for various reasons..and I pray inside of me that he does not read my blog...YIKES if he does. Okay he got me a pillow, a soft pillow that is blue. before I met Brad I was crying to Landon (I am trying to make this sound as totally cool as possible...but if it gets a little cheesy for you..Im sorry). I was crying to Landon and Landon said something to me that helped me move on immensely. He said, Brittany a new love will replace the old. two days later I met Brad. Oh looky there, Landon can see the future. So Brad knew that story and so one of his presents for V day was a pillow case that he had custom made :) It has a picture of us on it, and when he gave it to me he said...A new love, will cover up the old. So it was a pillow case representing him, that would cover the pillow of my previous bf. OH MY so cheesy, but yet so thoughtful. But there is no way I could sleep on I hung the pillow case on my wall. Its the big one, that looks like a piece of fabric hanging on my wall with purple thumb tacks. I just realized you cant see the thumb tacks..even better.

So in closing, (its like I am giving a sermon about my dissertation for my doctorate my dreams!) I am glad that I could share with you Brad's skills. I am glad I am his girlfriend. Probably the gf of his dreams. (He might not read this post if I dont tell him about it..which I wont) I'll just wait for the phone call of...WHAT WERE YOU THINKING WHEN YOU RUINED MY LIFE WITH THAT POST!!! jk, he wouldnt say that. He likes me too much. There I go, being obsessed with myself. 

Back to the point.

Who wouldn't want Brad as your boy to be your 'more than a friend'?

Probably lots of guys would want him too. 


You can't have him.


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Couldn't you talk about other things? I will give you a few topics: Ninja turtles, politics, Vitamin C Tablets, Packs of ravaging wolves controlling the minds of american citizens, Chicken enchiladas, people who breathe really loud in the testing center and then whisper to themselves, "yes!" under their breath when they think they have finally figured out an answer(does that just annoy me?) There you have it brit..... you no longer have to talk about boring ol' me. Any of these topics will be suitable for an outstanding blog post.