Thursday, April 2, 2009

I saw..

I saw that I was at the bottom of all my friends' blogs link lists so I thought it was time. Time to post.

So here we go. Im taking you a year back. A year back into my life. The week I found out my mom's younger brother Brent died. The week of Sally's state track. The week I took my new job's work off. The week we stopped in Burley and bought baby plants to start a garden, which is now flourishing.

Echo seems to completely laugh at anything I say sometimes. Cold and clammy day at State Track. Cold and Clammy.
It just happened so that we look similar, and our hair color is similar. Mine I dont like. Echo's is better.
A year has passed...but I still feel the same. Still think the same things. But I know I'm older, happier, and obviously more in love with his face. You thought I wasn't going to talk about him..but I am.
I stole this from his facebook. This is him in the blue with his friend Luke. I don't even need a caption on this one because it is so screaming awesome. But if I did have to make a name, I would call it. "Brad, in the shirt he wears all the time."
Back to a year ago. Echo and I. Gosh got me distracted with his face again.
OH what about Brooke, She was there too. Freezing at Boise State. Brooke flashed her I love you gang sign. I just stick with peace. Everybody knows what that means.
Okay, I know, why in the world did I post a picture of me in the bathroom at Boise State washing my hands? Well why in the world did ECHO secretly take a picture of me? Thats the real question here.
I dont really remember much about State Track. I do remember looking through a camera, the entire time.
Okay, I tried to find a picture of us seven (missing Hannah in Maryland) all looking, all smiling, all happy, but I failed. I had ten and all of them had at least two non-lookers. We are sisters. Love us.
All five of us that wore jeans there...we all wore Modbe jeans. But we couldn't find tosh, so she missed the photo shoot. Our whole family was waiting in the van for us. You may not think thats a lot with four here. But it was eleven. Eleven plus waiting.
I stepped on those glasses that are on my forehead. I stepped on them two days ago and broke them.
Its okay that I stepped on them and broke them, because...they were only five dollars in San Diego California.
On my grass in Standrod I found this. I thought I would share it with you. Lovely.
I just want this grass right now. I want this freshly mowed, freshly producing smells all day long of wonderfulness.
Anyone up for volleyball in Standrod. June. This is what it looks like. Love it.
Oh Home, I feel like I haven't been in months. Should I have a cook out with our grill? Should I invite you? Wow. I want to invite you. I want to have a cookout right now Im starving.

Hope this post gives you something to do. I know it had been awhile since I posted on my blog. So I'm just...entertaining you.

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