Thursday, May 14, 2009


I just chose some random ones...My favorites are in this bunch...but Im not telling you which ones Im using.
Maybe this one...Im going for the dramatic parking garage look. You know its totally us.
Brad stares into her eyes and remembers the first time they church. Then he remembers Brittany dominating him in football. Then he remembers how he ignored her flirting. Then he smiles at his own ingenuity.

Okay I know...I know this is kinda cheesy. But I really was laughing, I didn't pose this I promise. That's why I like it. It's 'natural', like grow your hair out on your legs natural, like organic pomegranate blue juice natural.

Maybe I love this one? Maybe I love it because I edited (all by myself) a hair that I didn't like, that was going wild. Am I supposed to tell you that though?
Maybe I love this one. Maybe I love it because it shows Im the aggressor. Jk, thats not why I love it. I love it because Brad is still looking at me like I am his world. Just like in this picture.
Look mom, Im getting married to this guy. This guy who makes my heart throb a million beats in one millasecond. Mom, seriously I think I should dye my hair lighter too.
This one? No? You don't like the overwhelming feeling of joy you get from this one? What! You don't get joy from this one? What! You don't feel like we even look like we are in love?!?!?!? Well, news flash... We do love each other.
See, I told you we love each other. I told you.
"Hey Bradley?", Brittany says with a slur in her voice. "Yes Brittany?" Bradley responds with such urgency to recieve the question. "Should we get married?," she asks with profound surety. "Okay," replies Bradley.


Beka and Eric Sorensen said...

The third one makes my insides smile!

Kendra Haynie said...

You guys are beautiful! And do you know what? You are even more beautiful because you are in love with each other, and I love that! So, heres to being in love! Although, I have never tried it. I hope it shows up in my life sometime down the road!

The Poulsens said...

I think your pictures are great. Especially that very first once, so precious!
Congrats, better be dropping off an invoice at my desk! :)