Monday, May 18, 2009

Little did I know..

In December we visited the Salt Lake temple. I was scared of taking pictures on temple grounds with this dude I only knew a month so I didnt take any pictures. Just one of myself on the way there and then one of him. That dude.

He was helping me study for my D&C exam that was coming up. He was so nice. (Is so nice). I think I got an 80 something. Which is good for me. The temple was perfect. I love the SLC temple. Love it so much I think I will..
Get married in it. Thats right. Get married in that temple. SO we are getting married in that temple in 40 days. 1 month 9 days. Perfect huh? Perfecto.

Little did we know we would marry each other when we went and did baptisms on that cold day in December. Little did we know we would be getting married 7 months later. Hmmm

A sorta different feeling it is to get married. A sorta, whoa, I gotta make my husband dinner and pay married people bills.

But trust me, it's great to feel like the happiest people in the world.
Even if Brad can't really dance.


Brad said...

I can dance better than you.

Natalie Jane said...

Oh gosh Brittany. Could you BE any more beautiful!?!? You're gorgeous. And Brad looks alright too....
har har har