Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mas Engagements . . . . .

Just die and go to heaven with this picture.
If love doesn't exist, then I don't exist, and Brad is a rock. A tired and hungry rock that wants me to stop blogging.
But I thought you should see some of our favorites. The first ones were just a glimpse.
Because love should be bliss. Bliss with yellow.
Yes Brad. I will marry you tomorrow. Call the temple, see if they have any openings.


Tara said...

Congratulations, Brittany! You look gorgeous! I'm so happy for you

Beckham said...

I adore all of these pictures, especially the first one. You two look so happy and the yellow is perfect!

Melissa said...

beautiful pictures !!

Crystal said...

You are beautiful, he is beautiful (I don't think Steve reads this...and hopefully neither does Brad because that would make it awkward if we ever met) and your pictures are beautiful! YAY FOR MARRIAGE!

PS I am coming up to provo sometime next week, I am thinking wednesdayish so I will definitely see you then.