Tuesday, May 5, 2009

When He was Smart.

I thought I would take advantage of the opportunity I have to give you what is going to be a glimpse into our vedding video. Sorry I wanted to use alliteration, and be german at the same time. Hence the vedding, if you didnt get that. Text me and I'll tell you the joke.

If you remember me telling you about Brad and his 95 on his anatomy test...its because of these glasses.

He could double use them as magnifying glasses, to kill little bugs. Mr. Groesbeck was a lucky man to have this intelligent Bradley in his class.
I think this is the picture that made me fall deeply in love with his face. Don't worry our kids will be adorable. He always tries to double this look when he wants something. Something like twizzlers, or a new Nintendo game, or a new shirt at DI/Savers.

I let him have what he wants everytime when he makes this face.

But really who wouldn't? He is adorable.

If I dont post for awhile its because Im recovering from my injuries due to the security breeching into his computer for these pictures...........

but you know it was totally worth it.

Im marrying his face.

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