Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Birthday To Him

He had a birthday shout hooray. One year older...whatever. He is 22 now. Speaks french and eats cake. And guess what folks? This is in my new apartment. My new apartment that has ants, no microwave, and an absence of a kitchen table. You would be surprised how much you use microwaves and kitchen tables. I suggest trying to take them away from your house, and see how you fare.

We are just a little poor so a table and microwave are on the LAST of our to buy list. But they are on it...dont worry. If the pioneers still survived without a table and a microwave, so can we.

Except using the stove causes things like burns. On my thumb.

We thought Landon was going to get us a table for his birthday, but he didnt.

But we made him a cake.

That absence of frosting was for our friend Brian, whom...doesnt like frosting.
Lisa and Brian are married. Lisa was my friend in high school and Brian is her husband. Now his name is the same as my dad's name, Brian Hansen. Funny huh? This seems to be the only photo I caught of them. Don't even ask me how it looks so great, I just push buttons.
We decided to take some quick engagement shots while we were in the process. What? You dont like this one?

What about this you like this one? You know, signature, hand on chest, show the ring picture. Everybody has one. Everybody thats married. You know you have one.

Do you like this one? It could have been good, I think something is wrong..Maybe my failed attempt to match Brad with my hair thingy on my wrist? Or his face, is something wrong with his face? I thought it went well our mock engagement session. PS, we only have 50 days left. For rizzle. Ro FIzzle.

If you forgot: I am engaged to Brad Clark. I love him. I am marrying him. June 27th 2009, Salt Lake City Temple.

Yes thats right all of you. Marriage. Its great. But not so great. Just get married once. Not fun to plan all the junkity junk. Oh and I highlighted my hairo. Can you tello?
I am a criminal.
A criminal of love.

That is what Brad was thinking right there.
Oh and I have my thumb in a glass of water right now....IT BURNSSSSSSsssssssssssss.
Peace out.
Another P.S. We are getting our engagments taken tomorrow. For serious. I'll show you them soon :)


AMY! said...

Congrats on your wedding, I am getting married the same day in SLC around 2pm... what about you

Brittany said...

I am getting married at noon! Whats your blog?