Sunday, May 31, 2009


f you were wondering...or worried. Im just here in Maryland. With my sister and brother in law. Our days have been filled with stuff. Filled. For instance, I just got back from the movies. We saw Night at the Museum 2. Maddie is my niece and Maddie likes to yell in movies. Yell things like "OH NO!!" Or, "WHAT IS HAPPENING" Or "oh no oh no oh no" She sat on the edge of her fold up chair the entire time. When they kissed she said she was so sick of waiting. 
Tuesday we just hung out when we flew in. Wednesday we went to the Mall and picked out a buildabear. Thats an experience of a lifetime that I recommend to everyone. And if you don't have kids, just lie and say you do, they will never know. Thats what we did. Just kidding. We got it for Faith. She is turning two in June. Then Thursday we went to DC. It rained. Rain Rain. Friday we went to the Washington D.C. temple in the morning, and afterwards we went to a strawberry farm. Where the strawberries melted in your mouth. Melted. Like Ice. But better.
Of course Sometimes I forget I am getting married. Married in 28 days. The hills are alive. Alive. You see here Sum, Sally, Maddie Molly, and Echo. And Strawberries. Lots of them. This is Maddie. She likes to yell. Yell in Theaters. She also picked strawberries. In shirts her mom didnt care about. Its a good thing too. This here is the new baby. She looks a bit funny here...... Maybe Maryland makes us happier. Probably. But probably not walking around for hours.
We rode this trailer hooked to a tractor. 
Our driver was the happiest old man in the world.
Molly was the only one who diligently held the baskets.
She also was pretty serious about this strawberry picking thing.
Summer made Halle this head band. This baby is a trooper. Didnt even wake up the entire four hour baseball game.
Pretty sure we are going to Gettysburg later today. 

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