Monday, September 28, 2009

Here Kitty Kitty

Brad and I love travelling together.
Brad loves it when I talk and he just sings along to his Steve Miller Band.

Then he loves it when we can make it to Standrod in less than 3 hours.

He likes it when I sleep the whole way.
Oh he loves that part. For the first time in my life I stayed awake the whole way back. Give me credit for that. We talked about all sorts of things. How I went to Peru, where we would have been if we would have just never met each other, how we would move to Standrod if the economy decided to give out and how our car was almost out of gas.

On the way home I just wanted to go back. Really bad.

There are so many things to absorb and spend hours doing, with no time restraints, no limits.

When I got there my camera battery was dead so I didn't get pictures of us going up the mountain and picking pine cones off of pine trees. Why does a human want pine cones? Oh my gosh, did you know pine nuts come out of pine cones?

You know those little whiteish yellow thingys that are soft and crisp at the same time? You need them, you want them, and you roast them. You roast the pine cones then pick out those seeds and eat em. So good.

They have a hard shell on them, which I just bite into and peel off. Then the meat. So, Amanda has all those pictures. Pictures of Brad on the front of the four wheeler, Shad driving. Lad behind him, me behind Lad, and Ian and Amanda on the back of the fourwheeler. PRiceless.

Its hunting season so as we were going up the mountain some old ladies in a camper yelled, "SLOW DOWN" at us. Oh I thought the speed limit was 10 mph, not 2 mph, sorry grumpy lady that is forced to go hunting with her husband.

My camera got charged later, and so Sunday I captured some unforgettable moments. But... I guess it didn't capture how bad I wanted to stay in Standrod. Nor did it capture how much I love a big shower, a big kitchen, a spider free bed, a sister as an alarm clock, a Ward where everybody knows me and cares about me, A 15 passenger van with 17 passengers, a dirt road that is so bumpy that Lad can't draw and he gets mad and keeps saying, "Its too bumpy, I can't draw!" Then Ethan keeps saying, "Just wait till we get home."

Brad says its chaos. He fits in well though. He doesn't complain and just goes along with whatever is happening. He is really nice too. That makes my siblings sometimes take advantage of him.

Like Faith, she is the best at that. She gets Brad to hold her, and sit by her while she plays with her play kitchen, feeding everybody. I was making gravy from the roast leftovers and Faith would not stop yelling, "Brinneeey come sit down by me, come on, just for a mineeite, it be fun, come on please."

She would repeat herself fifty times, then I finally just can't take ignoring her anymore and I say, "How about Brad sits by you?" That satisfies her but probably bores Brad to death. After Brad was sitting there by her, following her every kitchen demand, (you know as the 2 year old cook she can demand that Brad eat the plastic salad with a hamburger bun on it) I saw Brad lie down. On the floor instead of sitting up. She said, "No sit up Bwad. Sit up." He said, "No, I'm just gonna sit like this for a while."

Now I know Brad didn't know I was watching, but I think little Faith wears him out. Later in the day, she was chasing one of our bigger kitties trying to wash her with an empty 1 gallon gas can.

So Brad my dearest, you aren't the only one.

Oh wow, we found the Kitties. Kittys? Whatever. WE found em. My mom said the mama kitty moved them and she didn't know where.

Then we found them. Or someone found them.
My favorite quote of the day was when my mom told me to put some food out for her on the patio. She said there is a bowl out there.

My dad gave her a look. Because he doesn't like food to be put on the patio, then if it spills, it gets all over....anyway he doesn't like it.

So my dad gave her that look, like you know you shouldn't put a bowl out there for her to eat right there.

Then my mom said, "She is nursing 7 kitties. I'm NOT making her walk clear out to the orchard to get her food."

Later we found out that her kitties are in the orchard,so really my mom was making her walk all the way to the patio. Ha, nice one mama.

My mom and this kitty are similar.

Produced lots of babies, and lasted a long time.

And really chill.

They were in the wood pile.
When we found the kitties, we were mawling them. Picking them up cooing at them, holding them tight to our bodies, and mama kitty was concerned, but she was relaxed. She trusted us. We feed her.

There was only 2 white ones. The rest were gray like their mama. I told Brad to give me a light smile. The kitty, didn't really get it.I told them to look in the distance. Brad thought I said, to look at each other. He didn't catch it.
Then I told them to show their teeth. They both got it. Finally, we get some synchronized responses here.
Little runt kitty didn't really know what to expect of these humans, runt kitty just opened his eyes a week ago, all he knows is sleep, suck on mama, and play in the woodpile with 6 fellow kitty siblings. We all were intrigued by these kitties in the wood pile. I just wanted to kiss these kitties, but sadly I am madly allergic. Sadly and madly allergic.

As you can see, the little horsey of Landon's just couldn't leave us be. I sat down on the wood pile, and Mr. Horsey ate my hair. He just wanted to be by us. He liked the attention he was getting. He liked the kitties. They were cute, or thats what he whispered in my ear as he was trying to eat my shirt since my hair was too whispy and had too much product in it.

Pick her up Brad. Show us how cute she is. Dont worry, I don't know what is stuck on Brad's face. Probably barbecue sauce from the roast we just ate. Maybe the kitty can lick it off.
Mama kitty needs to put on some weight. All these babies are sucking her skinny.

She finally went back inside her cavern of a wood pile and fell asleep while we played with the four kittys who weren't tired.

Gotta hand it to her though, nice choice of a home this wood pile, sure attraction for mice to come in and snuggle then to find a mama kitty lookin for a treat for her drooling mouth, protection from the rain, protection from humans, and protection from cars and lawnmowers.

Mama kitty, just keep your babies out of the car engine fan. Cutting April's head off in the engine fan wasn't pretty. April was a good kitty. So good that Faith named all the kitties April cuz she misses April.

She said, "Oh! Here's baby April!!"

I thought, oh gosh, Faith knows April is gone, and is mourning inside, and to deal with it she is naming this kitties April.

How sweet.

Then Brad talked me into playing football. With all boys.

Don't worry, Lad only cried 8 times, and Chandler twice.

I cried once.


Baby Sophie makes me want a cute cuddly thing for myself.

I bet Amanda wasn't aware of how Faith could interpret Sophie as Soapy.

"Oh look its baby Soapy!"-Faith.

It makes Sophie that much cuter.

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