Wednesday, September 23, 2009


So due to errors, go to the bottom of the blog to do this:
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And to see the wedding present book.

This is my wedding present to Brad.

I gave it to him yesterday.

Or more like he saw a package by the door. Opened it..then realized it was a book but it had a picture of me and him on it. So he was scared that he did something wrong. He texted me this.

"Something bad happened when I got home."

So when I read that. I freak out.

Freak out like, Oh great he dumped the garbage all over the kitchen and didnt have time to clean it up so he left it, and I will have to clean it up.

Or freak out like, oh great his old girlfriend showed up on his doorstep and he had to let her in and in the process of letting her in she set fire to our apartment.

But I guess I freak out too much.

And I ALWAYS think the worst.

Because something bad happened...really means...I opened something.

I jump to conclusions, like a cat pouncing on a moving ball of yarn thinking it is a mouse.

I'm hectic in my head.

But it all worked out. No garbage all over my house, no burned down house from broken hearted Lucy lovin Brad.

All he did was open it, and feel bad, and get all scared and try to think of solutions.

He told me his solutions were....

to lie and shove it back in the box, then act surprised.

to pretend he didn't open it, someone else must have.

to burn it and pretend like it didn't come at all.

to pour laundry detergent all over the box and say that it was wet so he had to open it.

But instead he told me what he did.

Which was fine.

I knew it would come and he may be the first one there and open it.

But he loved it.

No he adored it.

Don't worry if you didn't get your husband a book like this for his wedding, or don't worry if you don't have a husband, you are still awesome. I just like doing things like this, and may or may not 'look' for opportunities to do things like this.

Maybe I'm abnormal.

Regardless, I made him this book.

History of the Book:
61 days before we got married I thought of this idea. I wish I would have started it way before, but alas I did not think of it so I had to deal with 61 days.

Every day before we got married I wrote something. About our day, what we did, how I was feeling, what I was wearing, what I had to do that day, my fears, my joys, my everything. But the great thing is...I wrote them all to Brad.

So it said Dear Brad:
Blah blah blah.

I think my favorite is when I would write something to help me remember what I did that day so I could go back later and write what I did.

So I wrote 61 days before we got married. Each day saying 54 days left!! Then the date.

Then my day. Or whatever I felt like typing.

I keep getting new pieces of gum. On my third in 20 minutes.

Its a disorder I have.


Back to the book.

Brad loved it. He didn't quite make it through, because I type too much.

But he did read the last part where I wrote about our wedding day...

I have it listed on private on, but if you are desperate to read it let me know.

But that has to mean that you are just crazy because its all gushy and lovey dovey.

But if you like that stuff.

Some days its not though. Some days it wasn't happy lovey dovey.

Maybe that is what you want.

Either way, I created this flip book for you to look through.

I highly recommend the site.

So beautiful.

The book was hard cover, so easy to do whatever I wanted to it, and they charge by page, not by pictures, or anything else. So it was brilliant.

I will use this site again when I need to make a book for my students or something.

I loved it!

And the best part is, its online always, so if I lose my book, or if I ruin it. I can just order another one.

Its better than any other website I have used.

Enough advertising for bookemon.

They should pay me.

Or give me books free for the rest of my life.

You can click on the little booky above and see our book.


I love it.

Its like a journal in a different form.

I also am tackling school, two jobs and husband.

Just be aware, that I do not really cook that much.

Unless I go crazy and cook a million things in one night.

Then I feel refreshed and I made up for my lack of cooking.

All my sentences keep getting longer and longer by the minute.

Creating a perfect stair on my blog, just what I need to be cool.

K I am done creating the stair. Back to cooking.

And life.

One good thing about school and working so much, is that when I get home at 10 at night....I love seeing Mr. Clark.

We get all exciting and I jump hug him.

Jump hug is you know when you hug then jump up.

You can only do it once you are married......cuz its provocative.

But I did it before we were married.


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Natalie Jane said...

I love that you made this book. I want to make a hundred books like this. Thanks for giving me such good ideas to steal. hah.