Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What it is like.

Sometimes I worry that I will forget what college is like.

Forget the diversity and the absence of caring about being popular like we did in high school.

One thing is for sure. . .

Just because you are in college doesn't mean you are the smartest.

I was in class looking down at my syllabus after we had just had an animal activity to demonstrate teaching children about life science and all the sudden I heard the teacher say, "Yes, go ahead."
The girl who was raising her hand asked in a clueless voice, that voice came from the table across the room.
"Are rabbits and raccoons rodents? Because they aren't mammals."-Girl that is a senior. We are two semesters away from graduating.

With that in mind.

There is always the people who speak out. Speak out and correct the teacher. And know every answer. And some.

I am in a GE class.

History 202

I dreaded it. But I think it was meant to be because my professor is ideal. I was already thinking in my head how I am going to give him great marks on the semester review. Great ones. Because he made me laugh a million times. By saying everything in a sarcastic creative way. And by just being awesome.

But you know what Im talking about, those people who raise their hand at the first and know all the questions the professor asks on the first day of class that you dont even care to answer nor do you have any idea where the country even is on the map let alone who is trying to take over it...

and of course he knows that answer.

And of course he expounds so that the teacher and every other 88 persons in the room know that he is just by dang the smartest ever.

I counted after 5 comments.

He made 7 more.

But only on the first 2 did he raise his hand.

Then he blurted them out. Because the professor stopped calling on him.

The professor asked if the UN decided that US should give back all the states that we 'took' from mexico, what would happen....

Of course everyone was quiet, it was supposed to be a thinking dramatic question.

Then Mr. He who sits on the front three rows in the middle blurts out, "Well at least I wouldn't have to try to get my girlfriend a visa to come here, she would just come here....because UTAH would be Mexican Territory."

Oh perfect. Now I can pretty much map out your whole life with that comment. The 88 people who heard that are embarrassed. But we all should of known this class wouldn't have been complete without you Mr. Mexican Girlfriend.

He made other ridiculous analogies that made me grateful I am out of high school so when he becomes a teacher he will NEVER teach me. Just hope he doesn't teach my children, or your children.

On a happier note. FHE happened yesterday. It usually starts with Brad or I finding some religious material in our house and splitting it up and taking time to read it, then taking time to talk about it.

From past FHEs Brad learned he need to give me a time limit to my sharing part.

So I read my part out of the financial booklet our Bishop or someone like unto that gave to us.

And Brad read his.

He was sitting on the couch, and I on the floor rug.

Oh newsflash, we got a couch, its green and pleatherish. And small. Brad and I on it at the same time trying to be comfortable...doesn't normally happen. Hence my floor residing.

I had Brad share first.

Because usually I don't listen if I share first and I am just bored by then. And if I shared first he would just say, "K that was good enough, closing prayer."

Then came my turn.

As I went on about how I wanted to teach our kids about finances and on and on.
Brad made comments at first.

Then they died off.

Then I realized I was losing my spouse.

I was losing his attention.

Wow, Im a sucky teacher.

"Is my three minutes up?"-Brit
"Uh, probably, but its okay, but ya..."-Brad
"Oh, uh okay I'll stop."-Brit
"Oh you are okay."-Brad
"No I'll really stop, Ive gone on forever."-Brit

Now that classes are here. Now that class is in front of my face and I am going to be student teaching in four months. . . I am worried about my teaching skills.

Im worried about my creativity level.

Im worried about my classroom.

Will I paint my bookshelves?

Will I have enough books?

Will they like me?

Oh gosh.

Can I even plan a million lesson plans a day?

Is that even possible?

Sunday I made bread.

Zucchini bread.

The recipe was nice and fun.

Brad did this as I made it.

Oh looky looky! Its our couch!!!! And Addicted Guitar Man.

He usually sings songs pertaining to the day. Or what I am doing.

They go like so....

*NOTE this is just an example of what he could say...not saying he says these things..but alas, sometimes he does say these things.

"Britt NEY wont you come sit by ME
You are making ZucchinEEEE
I want to kiss you on the nose.
Please don't make the bread be gross."

Usually to the tune of Banana Pancakes.

oh perfect. Zucchini Bread. New song. For Jack.

He needs to sing it.

Brad will write the lyrics.
The counter in our kitchen doesn't exist. Just this massive table that the owners at his work gave us.

Oh they gave us the microwave too. Mouse microwave.

So I use space.

On the table.

"Wow, we have no table now."-Brad
"Do you want zucchini bread?"-Brit

So its our only option :)

Eh sorry if this picture is grossy. Grossy grossy.

I wonder who decided to mix these two things together.

Oh yes, I know lets put this green VEGGIE in bread.

To make VEGGIE bread.

Oh yes yes, what a great splendid idea.

Well its controversially healthy.

Zucchini+6 cups of sugar= healthy

You may argue that. But you will lose. It is healthy.

As is anything with fruit in it.

Fruit ice cream.

Fruit pizza.

Fruit salad.

Its so all so healthy.

I put chocolate chips in the bread. Not strategically. Not orderly. Just dumped them in the pan. And somehow Brad thought I was sweet for making his piece be a smily face of chocolate chips. Then I told him I didn't mean to. Then he got even more excited...

"Yes YEs YEs I'll eat the whole loaf, give none of this away, and I MEAN NONE OF IT"-Brad in an angry cackily voice touchy his fingertips together lightly.

I cut the loaf into segments so I could take some to his sister.

Thats why I dont have 3 perfect loaves here.

I just google searched 'dream kitchen' and found this picture. My favorite part are the streaks on the cupboards below the sink. Oh wait no...its the crooked wobbly coils on the stove top, oh gosh wait no its the paint streaks on the kitchen table that looks like someone just dumped a gallon of paint and tried to scrape it off the table. No, wait I love the placement of the blender, waffle iron, and fan on top of the microwave, all so innovative, all so dynamic.

Just kidding, its my kitchen.

Oh is that two lemon juices you see....yes yes it is.

Thats because Bradley. (He is the guy I married in June)...Bradley is on a cleanse.

He drinks water, lemon juice mixed with maple syrup and Cayenne pepper.

This was not my idea.

This was a challenge between him and his friend. Jeff.

I just support.

He is supposed to eat nor drink anything but this mixture, but they made a decision that they would eat ONLY FRUITS AND VEGGIES with it.

Its Tuesday. He started yesterday. He told me today, "I am sick of this food."

So.....its going well for him.

He eats grapes and mangos.

And cucumbers.

And carrots.

And strawberries.

And onions.

Very little potatoes.

We are stretchin.

But he feels better.

In the mean time I am scarfing down dove ice cream bars.

All this dieting makes me hungry.

Oh and we PAID for 5 intramural teams today.


5x30 equals 80 dollars.

But the teams will be funo.

Now I just have to juggle.

Juggle 2 jobs, 17 credits, a husband, an apartment, and now three intramural teams that I am on. Brad is on five.

What? How is that even possible?

So I will just juggle.

Priorities though.

First comes sleep. :)

JK, husband always wins that battle, cuz he has those dots all over his face called freckles.

Freckles always win.


Just Some Dude said...

So, I love your blogs because every one of them is proof that you are leading exactly the kind of life you are supposed to lead. They are all fleshed with purpose. You married the right guy, you had the right family home evening, you're going in to exactly the right profession, and you have exactly the right green, pleather couch that makes early family life memorable.

Natalie Jane said...

Aaron's right. I love you Brittany.
And let me just tell you that in the English major....almost EVERYONE is that one kid who must make comments. Who knows EVERYTHING. And It makes me want to die. When I saw this one tall alien-faced girl who never shuts up is in one of my classes, I seriously considered dropping it. But I chose to draw rudely inaccurate pictures of her instead. And I just sit there and never comment. And if I do...it is about y2k or something that just barely relates and everyone wonders how I am an English major and then I tell them all to suck it.
You'll be a fabulous teacher. I worry everyday about my teaching skills. But you'll be so good. You're so fun and exciting, your kids will love you.

Brad said...

Both of you just made my day. Seriously. Its one thing to have my husband tell me daily that Im great. But...when others do it. It makes it more real :)
And both of you are genius and perfect friends.

Brad said...

thanks for using my account brit!
anywho.... those were outstanding math skills... 5*30. haha. jk you're hot. stop writing about me:)

Tosha said...

So that was possibly the longest post ever, and very fun to read, even if I didn't read all of it because Remi is sitting on my lap yelling Tosha over and over.