Monday, September 21, 2009

My favorites...

In the event that I was married 86 days ago. I just got around to posting my pictures on Facebook. But better yet. Im still married! And happily!!

Brad's mom has this cat.

It makes me allergic.

My throat gets all itchy. And I sneeze and itch my eyes endlessly. We go to his mom's house on Sunday's and usually the sneezing, itching and coughing is over by the time I shower when I get home. I make Brad shower too, or I wouldn't be able to be near him. Don't know what it is about this cat. When I was little I could hold cats till the early morn.

One time I was playing in a field wearing one of my favorite dresses. I had our calico cat above me as I layed on the ground. I remember staring her in the face and holding her below her front legs around the torso. I let go of her then she diareeeeahed all over my dress. Grossy. I didn't even notice till I got back to the house because it was so dark outside. So if I have that memory of holding a cat, and not even being that grossed out about her diareeeeeeeeeeeha then I must not have been that allergic to the dang things earlier in my life.

So, today I am still sneezing itching coughing feeling like I can't breathe. And I didn't put commas in between those because I feel like one big disaster. Just like that sentence feels without commas. It's a comparision that you cannot understand unless I don't use commas. Anyway, you get the jist.

What did I do last week? Holy schmoolleey. I think I did a lot. Let's start with my 100 percent score on my Social Studies Test.

First time ever the screen on the testing center posting the scores has given me any response besides a score. It said 100% PERFECT SCORE!!

Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes.

I got PERFECT SCORE!! Before I got, GOOD JOB next to a 91% or EXCELLENT next to a 98%, or a YOU REALLY SUCK next to a 45%, or DROP OUT NOW next to a 39%!!! yikeseesy.
So that was Saturday, right after Brad's flag football game where his team murdered the other team, and Brad got some amazing flag football plays that confirmed his skills. I had a choice to go take the test or play soccer. And I kept trying to go play soccer, then I just decided to get that feeling out of my gut and take the test.

Good choice.

Well I'll stop being conceited and facetious.

After my test we drove up to Midway with Sally. We took up 6 boxes of pizza for the fam. Our car still smells like pizza. I ate 9 pieces. Or more. It is now hanging over my jeans on the sides. Remi and Faith are so happy together. Except 99% of the time, when they are fighting.

I tried to teach Remi how to play games on the internet. I kept calling the mouse the mouse. And that was a bad idea, whenever I said mouse she would get distracted and say, Where??? So I resorted to saying, put your hand on this thing and click. That turned into way too long of a sentence for a two year old and she just clicked everywhere.

So it wasn't completely a disaster, but let's work on some fine motor skills then try again.

Speaking of a disaster. All three teams Brad (and I because I support my husband) cheers for lost. BYU, TEXAS TECH, and then....Dallas Cowboys.

I kissed him on the cheek and whispered in his ear, "Football isn't everything."

He said back to me out loud, "Of course I want to make dimple faced babies with you"

Just kidding he didn't say that.

And maybe that was too PG-13.

Okay...I just joined Twitter, and trust me....its awesome. I just don't know why yet.

I have two followers.

Help me.


Back to reality where my kitchen smokes us out when we cook tortillas.

And reality where more than two people in my apartment is a crowd.

Reality where we have only one car, a broken scooter, a dead lexus, and a flat tire beach cruiser with no brakes.

Reality where Brad has fifteen bajillion years of school left.

Reality where teaching pays enough for two to live.

Reality where my toenails don't paint themselves.

Reality where I still haven't sent out Thank You Cards.

I won't let this be a graduation failure.

Where I didn't send out any but wrote them all.


I'm crazy bad.

We got a card in the mail recently from Brad's great aunt.
She sent a check for the wedding, then a seperate check for Brad's graduation.

She took five years, so I can take five right?

We loved the late gift.

So people will love the 86 days late thank you cards right?

I hope so.

Someone told me I had a year.

Hopefully I hit that deadline.

Fbook has my pics.

I thought I would share with you my favorites...and why.

And right about here you are thinking....who cares.


Just like Brad yelled at his student teachers in the middle of class in high school.

I love this one. Love it because my dress is so pretty. And we are sitting on the temple. Sitting on it. And kissing. Kissing on the temple. When I look at it, I think of class, and love, and real life situations. Like sit down with me honey so we can watch our kids play in this basketball game.

Oh look! Our kids! Just kidding. These are the adorable boys I was a nanny for in the wonderful 4 month summer of 2007 in El Paso, Texas. Reid is far left, he was grumpy due to hitting his head on the temple earlier. Trevor in my lap and Bryce far right. I love these boys like they are my own. They came all the way from El Paso. And I almost cried when I saw them waiting for me to come out the temple doors. They were two then, they are four now!! Gosh I miss them daily.

I love this one because I love my sisters. I don't have a plethora of girly friends because I have all these gems to call, help me, and cry to. Well I guess Brad kinda replaced them for the cry to thingy, but mostly my sisters are my examples, best friends, and mentors.

This is how we felt after we got married. Lets run away and get this wedding junk over with. I loved every minute of the wedding junk. Even if my arms hurt from hugging peoples.

This was after it started to rain on the temple grounds. Rain and pour. And I love how celebrity we look with all the retro lights. Thats why I love this one. And you can't see Brad's body.

I love this one because of the dramatic sky before it began to pour. This is real folks. Hopefully its not a foreshadowing of things to come. Ahahahaha Im hilarious. No but really it is gorgeous.

I love love love this one. Its not your typical standard oh coming out of the temple picture. It sorta throws you off, and EverYONE has out their cameras. I love how all the people I love the most are there surrounding us.

This was taken right after all the family pictures got done. My parents have one EXACTLY like this in this exact spot. I love it. I love how time flies. I love how my parents were such a good example to me, an example to get married in the temple. An example of family, and support.

It was raining outside, and the temple shadow is subtle but always in our lives and relationship. In reality, this picture is simple but gorgeous. Rain=life is hard sometimes, but we can get through it. Temple=Eternal life is our goal, and our eternal marriage is a symbol of that. Kiss=we will forever love each other and continually strive to work through the rain, and make it to the temple. :)

Oh I love this one, because Brad's friends were such a constant part of our relationship. They are such a huge part of his life, and such a huge part of his standards. I love all of his friends. Don't mind Luke (big guy holding me) he didn't know what he was grabbing.

I love this picture because Brad has so many sisters now! He has 9 sister in laws on my side instead of just 2 sisters. So he gained a lot, and a lot of love! Also, he is very much loved by my sisters, and at times I was worried Echo was going to steal him from me.

I love this one, because its cute. That's all. Reminds me of Mary Poppins.

And this one, I love Brad's face. Not that I don't love his face in other ones. But he looks so handsome here. So natural. No forced smile, no off guard look, no wierd lips, just perfectly him.

These are all my siblings, with none included. So that's why I love this one. Its my heart, my base, my existance, with my new heart, my new base, and my new existance placed inside of my life. Brad.

Holiness to the Lord. Classy, and makes me want to reach out and grab the knob. Feel the designs. I love it. Next time I go, Im going to walk up on that step and touch it.

Laughing. We are laughing. Most likely Brad said, Im itching all over throw me off this balcony.

Brothers. I have 8 lovely adorable, matching brothers. Who could ask for a better protection system. Good thing they approved of Brad.

All my bridesmaids. Brad's mom made all their skirts. If she ever agrees to anything like that again, I'm sure she would die.

THis was the day before my wedding, and Brooke fabricated this beautiful boquet. I loved it and I loved the colors.
This was taken AFTER we were married. And I love how into me Brad is. How embraced he is with my face. He loves me. And I love him. And Im going to blow this picture up and hang it all over my house someday.

The end.

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Crystal said...

Love it. Love you. Love Brad. Love happiness.