Friday, September 11, 2009

No sleep headache.

Welcome to the world of college.

Welcome to the world of senior semester.

When Brad and I were dating, we would stay up so late. Or so early. Rarely did I get home before 4 AM let alone midnight. I know, bad. But we like each other. Still do, if you were wondering.

We would stay up so late, then we both had class or work at 8AM. The first time it happened I went through about a week of what I called the 'no sleep headache'. Then overtime your body adjusts to sleeping 30 minutes several times throughout the day, instead of at night, for eight hours. Then the no sleep headache slowly fades.

School came back. I never thought I would experience a no sleep headache again. Then school came back.

Now I am experiencing daily no sleep headaches.

School started on the 31st of August.

Its the eleventh.

I am totally doomed. Hardest part is yet to come I'm sure.

I try to fit in naps. I try to make it work. But sometimes when I have class 8-2, work from 2-9pm....its hard.

Then I have a husband.

Oh that husband.

And I feel like since school has started I never see that husband of mine.

We both had intramural flag football games last night.

My team brutally lost.

His team won. Killed the other team.

But our games were at the same time.

So I didn't see my husband.

We got snowies after.

Those were yummy.

Sally came.

She's nice and muscular.

I dont know where I was going with this post.

Maybe that I stay up late doing homework.

Stay up all day schooling and working.

Then . . . other stuff.

I wanted to tell stories.

But I forgot them.

Now all I can remember is how my teachers have been swearing lately.

My science teacher is a nice older lady who said she told her kids once to stop bitchin'

She kept saying it.

Then...she just blushed and blushed.

And she tried to explain that that word that I said up there was common 20 years ago. Or however many years ago she said it. She said, it was kinda bad, but not a swear swear like it is now.

Oh so she blushed forever, and kept fanning her face.

But, classroom's technology was not functioning so we moved to another empty room.

Then this roode roooooooode rude guy came in and said, uh, I have a class in two minutes in here. So leave.

"Uh, okay, well our stuff wasnt we moved in here."-My professor.

"Okay well I have a class so you need to ."-Rooooddy face guy

"Okay."-My nice professor who sings Three Dog Night songs to us.

After the rude guy shut the door my professor said, "Smart Ass."

Oh gosh.

I love my professors.

Sorry this blog post is so vulgar.

It just reminded me of how I played in my flag football game last night and I dove and killed my body for a flag and barely missed the dang thing. Then I said that d word really loud.

Thats why I reminded myself of it.

Sorry if you are a swearing fanatic of righteousness.

I never swear.

Unless its my fault the other team just scored a touchdown.

But I realized that everyone makes mistakes right.......

I'll work on my d words.

But if I had to pick a favorite, that would be it. The d word.

Gosh Im off topic...

Operator retreat is tomorrow. We meet all the operators up there and we just do fun stuff. Teach them about being operators.

We leave at 7:30AM.

I was going to drive them...but my license expired...and apparently the DRIVERS LICENSE people arent open on fridays. . .

Apparently I didn't think of that.

I want to work for the Drivers License division.
So I dont have to work on Fridays.

I could like teach those people who get tickets how to drive.

Like Brad had to go to.

Oh ya, traffic school.

A day after his bday he got a ticket.

Officer: Sorry you are getting a ticket on your birthday.
Brad: Oh its fine, I'll just remember your name and burn your cat tonight.

Back to the point.

I'm tired.

And I have so much homeworky I cant see anything but ink on my planner pages.

But I love it.

Every day I know I am in the right major. I know I am going to love teaching, and being a baby student teacher in the classrooms, like I am now.

Baby student teacher.

Lesson plans.


Core curriculum.

All these words mean nothing to you.

But to me they mean everything.

I still like Brad.

Maybe even love him more than I did last time I posted.

Maybe because he listens through my stressed out breakdowns.

Maybe because he doesn't take me TOO seriously when I say I am going to drop out and quit this is way too hard.

But I think its normal for people to cry in their senior semester...

Is it?


I love school.

Yahoo for school.

And Brad is now learning Elvis Presley songs.

Those just hit me right there in the heart and pull the strings.

Probably because my dad loves them, my family loves them, I grew up with Elvis.

'Can't help falling in love with you' is his latest.

He likes to change the lyrics due to his lack of memorization of them.

Like a river 'goes' (really its flows, gosh Brad, learn your Elvis)

Surely I can be......wait Brad its supposed to be Surely to the sea...


I haven't cooked him food in weeks.

I told him this semester was going to be hard and he might have to do everything.

So far I have been pretty right about that statement.

He does the dishes.

He makes his own food. Unless I have two minutes and I will throw together a sandwich for him.

And he makes the bed.

Jk, we dont make the bed.

He takes out the garbage.

Yesterday I cleaned the sink.

I thought that was a lot. I barely had time to, and Brad was saying, "come on lets go lets go"

The entire time.

I just needed to feel wifey for a minute.

Wifey cleany.

Havent felt like that lately.

Havent felt much of anything lately.

Just getting force fed information.. . . .

And sleeping.

But Im happy, and thank goodness I have a Guitar Husband that sings "cant help falling in love with you" even when Im not really producing much of anything for him to be like, oh that Brittany she is just so great. She makes me dinner, and washes my clothes, mops the floor.....and other wife stuff...
But regardless I just fall in love with him right back.

I love sushi, but I cant make it myself or I get grossed out.

Random fact: Brad gave me socks that said, you're cute on them. For Christmas. We had been dating one month and a half.

He's nice.


Sally said...

Brittany! My professor swore too!! First a few days ago he's like "do you guys care if I swear?" Then he went off on this really random story about this guy he knew who ALWAYS said that d word. Then today I asked him how I was supposed to write 250 on this topic he was talking about and he goes, "Hell, I could right 10,000 words on that" it was funny!

Natalie Jane said...

Sorry school is rough. If you ever need anything, I'll help you out. Take care of your pets or wash your car. I'll bring you lunch. haha. Apparently I'm your husband now. But really, I'll help you out with anything you can think of. Because you're the best and I love youuuu.

Crystal said...

What the hell is going on at that damned university!?! :) Ummm...I swear when I'm mad and when I'm tired. Shiz...that's the one I always say. Also, my dad used to be an Elvis impersonator, he looks like Elvis: see? Also, my friend here named her daughter Presley after you should do that, and maybe I will.