Monday, September 14, 2009

Swiss Me.

Well two weekends ago Tosha had a booth at Swiss Days. So I skipped my Friday classes, got work off on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and Brad and I ventured up to Swissy Days.

We stayed Thursday night, and Friday night, then I had to be back at work on Saturday at sixPM.

I played with Remi and Faith. I told them we should go look at the stars.
I told them to tell stories.
Remi had Noooo problem with that.
For she is the storytelling two year old of the century.

I left them out there for a minute....
They rushed back in yelling, "Brinnetyyyy"

I decided that either I was out there with them....or they were going to come in due to their fear of monsters in the dark. Monsters with legs that can run faster than a two year old. Otherwise they would stay out there, but they knew they couldn't run faster than the monsters in Midway.

I worked in the makeup booth till my feet bled. I also bought some nice things.

Brad bought some ties.

I bought a zebra watercolor by this guy who is talented. I love it.

Together we bought 6 sandwiches, 2 scones, and drinks.

Thursday I swear to you I had sun stroke.

I took a bath in Tosha's tub.

Brad wants a piano, so in order to get one we need to move. In order to move the new place has to have a bathtub. In order to move we will have to spend more money.

So it wont happen. We are both making sacrifices.

I almost bought a macbook pro the other day.

Then I realized I needed to be conservative.

Then Brad's wireless card in his computer gave out.

Now we wish we had that macbook pro.

I dream about it. I dream about the desktop, and all the folders I could have on there, organizing all my teaching folders.

Its all a dream.

Back to swiss days.

Hannah came up from AZ, and all of us sisters were together. There is eight of us.

I tried to turn to minimize my wideness and get the side view, as I believe that is better than straight on. But it turned out to be a half sideways and half straight on pic. I lost, and the camera always wins. Always adds 30 million pounds. I look better when Im moving. Thats my new motto.

But yes, we are sisters. We all have the same smile. Exact. I know what my children's smiles are going to be like.

I also know what their noses are going to look like....


How do I know you ask??????

Well this face here has a few freckles. 95,067,890 to be exact. And my baby will be a mix of this person and me.

My baby doesn't stand a chance.

We went to Stake Conference on Sunday. I was so distracted by all the movement and talking, coughing, and babies.

I said, "Brad, I know what I want for Christmas now."

He said, "What my darlingest wife ever in the universe."

I pointed to a baby in pink and said, "That."

"Okay, I'll put one in a box, except it will be in that okay." Brad

"Fine. A boy." Me

The conversation died and I continued to stare at the tiny teeny legs and toes, and dreamed of painting my freckled baby's little toenails.

So you know how many spiritual notes I took during that meeting.

Thats right.


Oh we worked in the booth, and my sister Hannah decided to capture our labors.

Brad spent most of the days listening to the music.

I told you he was addicted to guitars.

By guitars I mean everything that has strings and makes sounds, or has buttons you push that make sounds. So he sat in the shade in the bleachers for hours, while I put makeup on wrinkly faces and promised them it made them look better. One lady just pulled back all her wrinkles and stared in the mirror, then sighed..."I wish I didn't have these."

I really felt bad for her. I don't want wrinkles. I don't want them. After putting makeup on 59 million old ladies...I decided that. And now I fear them.

I'll use anti wrinkle cream, till Im broke, then I'll just wear a paper bag over my head.

So that display picture is of me. Only 2 people realized it. Maybe its because I looked chubbier in the picture from what Sally told me. We sold so much makeup. One lady just would buy anything I told her. That was a 168.00 purchase for her. Cha Ching for me.

After this extravaganza of fun Brad and I spent our labor day Monday at the Utah Lake.

It was full of speedos, canned beverages and fun.

At one point all the boys were standing on the back of the boat. Then the driver decided to throw them all off. That turned into this. Try to hold on to the back of the boat while the boat is going a million mph.
Brad rocked the surfing thing.
I am pretty happy just watching and taking pictures.

We were sunburned after this day. I had random white patches where I attempted to give myself sunblock.
Oh and for your video enjoyment..... Brad and his skills.
Should have edited out where he just drifts away and sinks...but come on now, we gotta have real life situations right?
Real life situations like failures.
Failures happen :)
Good job Bradley.
Good surfing honey face.


Natalie Jane said...

Your kids don't stand a chance, they HAVE TO turn out beautiful.

Crystal said...

MacBook Pro = Heaven on Earth

The Lucky One said...

you are great brit.
also, i have a keyboard im not using. its not a full one but its pretty sweet with lots of options etc. you guys can borrow it if brad wants too... it would fit under your bed. unless its too full...but anyway, if you want to use it just let me know!

Sally said...

Brittany I'm sorry to inform you that this post is not accurate. I never said anything about you looking chubby. You made that up. I know you did.