Wednesday, April 14, 2010


You know, Moab seems to be very popular and I had no idea. There were so many Canadians. Everywhere.

Or maybe Brad just kept calling them Canadians.

I don't know.
I believed him when he said they were from Canada though.
John, Brad's mission buddy brought the tent, and a stove...and a lot of other things...

But I brought the sausage.


My dad had this pig killed and I'm not kidding you its so good.

So, sleeping in our ten man tent was awesome, especially since Brad and I had a air mattress.
Until I woke up with severe pain in my back.

And Brad whispering, "Sorry that the air mattress is flat."

May as well brought my cement pad to sleep on.
Chels and Meredith came with us. As you can see from this picture, they gained on me.
I figured it would be a good idea to snap a photo of Brad, to send to his Grammy in California.

Or just because to prove that he was modifying his garments.
The arch would have been a lot better if we were the only ones there....
But, apparently its really popular. I had no idea.
Well I can't say Brad enjoyed this as much as I did, and his hair smelled like smoke drenched with sweat.
No offense Brad.
Oh, after the hike we went shooting, who woulda knew it could be so thrilling.

I didn't even aim, just BOOM BOOM BOOM.

Brad has this idea that he wants a 9 Mm Glock.

I have this idea that I want to keep that idea stewing for a long time before we actually do buy it.
This is John, Brad's mission buddy. He happens to be the funniest person on earth. I have yet to meet someone funnier.

So the trip was successful.

We started planning all these trips, and Chels' boyfriend, who is Merideth's brother, is on his mission. She is going to marry him. And I believe her. She was sad though, because she wants us to wait until he gets home. Which will be this summer! Chels its so soon!! Then our lives can begin!

I can't wait to meet he will be a relative. 

I'm on my last week of student teaching. 

I have my graduation announcements printed. 
I graduate next Friday, 8 Am.

I have two days left of student teaching.

Then I will never say student teaching again on this blog.

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Karissa and Scott said...

I love shooting.

I want a 9mm.

I've never been to Moab.

We're walking in the same graduation.

Enjoy your last 2 days of student teaching. When you're a real teacher it's much harder.