Friday, April 2, 2010


A year ago today...
He asked me and I said okay..

Well it was more than that it was like
I was not flying it but I actually was the kite.

Flying so high, wishing to never ever not ever
get him off his knee, how he made me shiver.

When he said, Will you Brittany please marry me
and I said Yes Yes then I cant wait until we...

Can sleep together legally.

End of my poem. I love him. He proposed to me one year ago today.

Can you believe its here!

Its been a year!

A year that went by so fast. And I look at my pictures and realized I didn't take enough. Not ever. I still feel like I am sitting at that table so cute and decorated staring at my ring.

I still remember sitting on the couch looking at my ring when I was supposed to be watching the slideshow.

I remember Brad and how happy he was.

And I think back a year ago, how did it turn out? Was it successful, and I think yes yes it was. I spend every moment possible with Brad and honestly...that will never go away, because we are friends. Best friends.

Sometimes I wonder how I got him, then he says, "How did I ever get you?" Then I think again, "I'm so glad he thinks that too."

We were meant to be together.

And that is that.

So happy one year of being engaged to me. Well we got know what I mean.

Ps My last observation was yesterday. I did a powerpoint on the life cycle. It was cute. Now I have spring break then only one week of school left. Then I graduate. Wahooseys.


Natalie Jane said...

i love that poem. i think it turned out perfectly. im glad he liked your 2nd grader card. hey, i thought it looked professional!

Mike and Crystal said...

Yay! Happy 1 year from being engaged! I love reading how in love you two are- that's exactly how things are supposed to be :) And how awesome is it, that we get spring break and there is only 1 week left of student teaching?? So awesome!

Karenin Jaar Robison said...

funny! jer did a slideshow too and we sat down to watch it on the couch and i was bawling and couldn't see my ring because it was dark so i asked him to turn on the lights, so i could check the bling out ha ha ;)
you guys are so cute together.