Friday, April 16, 2010

What will I do...

Today was my last day of student teaching.
Love/hate relationship

I am graduating a week from today.

Everybody asks me what I'm going to do if I don't get a teaching job.

And really, I stress about it constantly.

Everyone says there are no jobs out there.

But, I keep praying and I feel like its going to work.

But, I feel like if I am not a teacher...full time that is, then I will substitute teach...and maybe open a little pre-school in my new house.

I think that would be fun! Then I would have 4-5 four year olds, versus 20-30 five year olds. I can see that as enchanting. 

Also, I have started to write articles for my sister's barefoot butter business.

Articles to improve her business.

That people read to find links to her blog.

It was fun actually, to maybe show that I can make a difference in her sales by my writing.

And maybe, just maybe get better at it, you know better at writing.

So check out this article I wrote about why oregano oil helps your feet.

To tell the truth, I want it now, on my feet everyday.

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