Tuesday, April 6, 2010

If there is anything...

Better than a spring break, tell me.

Please tell me. I slept in until 10:20 A.M. today.


I work most of the day, but yesterday I accomplished so much. I packed like 5 huge boxes, and Brad and I loaded them up and put them in his Mom's garage.

You see we are moving, from our hole in the ground, to a house! An upper level of a house. It feels so marvelous to do it.To pack things that are just clutter, and not necessities you know.

Brad and I went home for Easter, Sally forgot my camera, so I took pictures with hers, but then hers ran out of space.

This week I'm just going to be cleaning, getting ready to graduate and soaking up the sun that is coming out of Provo. Ya right, its snowing.
 I packed Brad's onesie.

 Hope he doesn't need it in the two weeks we will be at our apartment.

Cuz it's in a box in the garage.


Natalie Jane said...

I'm so excited for you to live in a house!!!

Raquel said...


I have typed several thoughts over and over about you in your footsie jammies, only to realize that really I have no words. You have created a great laugh for me, now hurray and get your degree, because your Auntie's bladder can't handle much laughter anymore. We sure love you!