Saturday, April 24, 2010

I did it!!

This week has been so busy.
Brad has finished up finals. I finished up student teaching and spent the week working and cleaning and packing.
Who knew that a two room apartment could hold so much stuff? Seriously.
Then Thursday we moved out. We moved into Brad's mom's garage.

We are sleeping on her floor.
But we did buy a Cal King mattress, box springs, and frame for 100.00 on KSL. Great purchase. Now I don't wake up that much because Brad is bumping me, or hitting me in the face.
It was so much work to move out. Then I had two basketball games. We lost them both! But then I graduated on Friday!! I was so sleep deprived and dead tired. I had to wake up at six, after going to bed at midnight and packing and moving all day and playing two games of bball. Talk about tired. So...
I made it!!!!

I am a college graduate.

Summer actually graduated with me. It was fun to walk with her. 

I loved having family and all my friends surrounding me.

As I went to go walk to go sit down, I was like, wow this is it.
I made it!

I am now a teacher.

Can you believe that?

All the people who love and support me were there, and some couldn't make it!
We celebrated with a little lunch afterwords.
At Brad's mom's house! This is Sal throwing Faith, and Tiera (Landon's new fiance).
These are my beloved classmates...or those that we could find!
After the bbq Brad went to work.
And I took a three hour nap.
And then I went to the shower.
The dual shower.

Summer's baby shower, and Tiera's surprise bridal shower. 
Tiera had no idea. She had just met President Uchdorf and Monson and Sister Beck at Grant Bangerter's funeral, the man who married Brad and I, below post. And she was overwhelmed. Then she thought she was coming to her future sis in law's baby shower (and she was). So she began to cry when she saw her sister and mom there. 
Whoooof I'm running out of breath.
Paisley is my cousin Tess's daughter.She was the star of my pictures.
Summer opened presents...and Faith was all over that. Summer opened some diapers and Faith screamed in ahhh, and everyone was like, "Do you know what those are." Faith said, "Diapers for the baby's bum!" Of course she knew, she was just ultra excited!
The posters were super cute, Tiera's friends made the one for her, and Sally, Tess, Chels and I made the one for Summer.
Sorry I included millions of pictures of Tess and Paisley, but they are cute! Tess has been losing weight, just by portion control! Good job Tess, I'm so proud of her and she looks awesome!
Tiera couldn't open presents without Faith just breathin down her neck!

Guess who got the camera!!!??!?!!?
So after the monster day....its nice to look back and say...


Raquel said...

Brittany, I am sooooo proud of you. I know that school is such hard work. Now move to Meridian Idaho, STAT, so you can be my kids teacher because I want only the best for them!

A big hug to you. Raquel

Sally said...

Brit I just noticed the lovely backgrounds in your graduation pictures. A high jump mat, a track, a little long jump pit. That's what i'm talking about :)