Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Birthday Dreams..

If I could have an ideal birthday, my bedroom would become this..
Pottery Barn, it never goes wrong.

But I doubt that would happen.

I would be dressed in JCREW and this gold glitter skirt. Total cost of outfit 1,345.00 or something like that.
OH MY HEck...
Brad left me, but he just got back and brought me Krispy Kremes...
I have sure been cravin those. But then he left me again to go get milk for my hot doughnuts. 
So I can finish this post.
I have no idea what we are doing today. No stinkin idea.
Last night we went to Happy Sumo for my birthday dinner with Brad's Mom. But the Bachelorette was on and I thought it was ultra boring. So we had to go really early! 

Anyway, I hope this birthday just continues and continues.
So happy birthday to me! 

1 comment:

Karissa said...

1. I love Happy Sumo.
2. I love that room.
3. I love that outfit.
4. I love the new pictures on your top border of you and Brad.
5. I love hot Krispy Kremes.
6. I love you.
7. Happy birthday!