Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Oh Baby Wrap Me

So remember how I told you I make baby wraps.....ya here is one at its finest work. 
This is my niece Jemma. She loved it :)

I sold 4 at the farmers market on Saturday!! Wooohoooozey! I had only sold 1 up to that point. They are great knit fabric and great for gifts or for yourself you know.
Chelsea and I make them and sell them for 15 bucks!

15 bucks!!! You can't even get anything for 15 bucks at a baby store.

So here I am, telling you about my little expo of baby wraps. I need to get a small business loan so I can make about 5000 of them, then sell them at something more intense than a farmer's market. 

So, I feel happy about my progress.

I feel that my baby and your baby needs a baby wrap.
Not that I have one, but as Faith told me a few days ago, "Brittany you need a baby in your house!"

And I said, "where does a baby come from?"

She said, "The doctor."

Then she said, "Don't have a baby tiger though, those are mean."

Not sure how she figured I could have a tiger.


Karissa said...

If you could have a baby tiger I would worship the ground you walk on. :-)

And I may have to get me one of those wraps...

Sheryl and Dave said...

Hey Brit! you are so darling! I want to see more of your baby wraps because I'm in the market for one and happened to see your cute blog! What kinds of patterns do you have? And what is the design of your wrap-can it be worn one way, 2, etC?

Brittany Clark said...

Sheryl! Yes I will get you one, you can wrap it sixty million different ways. I need to create a link on here to buy them. I'll do that for you soon. We do it in a knit fabric, so its soft and stretchy, so if you want to request a color, or shoot me a link to the fabric so I can buy it that would be great, then I can just ship it to you :) Or I may post them on Etsy, that would be an easy way for you too!

Sheryl and Dave said...

Brit-e-mail me at I really want to get a wrap from you and I'm having my baby girl in less than 2 weeks. If I didn't feel so lousy I'd drag my little 2 year old boy to the store and pick something out and send it to you. Honestly though-that's not going to happen ;) I do live in salt lake though, are you in provo?

Chelsea said...

Hi! I am not sure how I found your blog but just wanted to comment that your baby wraps are awesome! I have a friend looking for one locally (she's in Utah Valley). I'm going to give her your email/blog. I hope that's okay!

Gingerlylizzy said...

Hi, I am Chelsea's friend :) Is the knit that you use 100% cotton or a polyester/cotton blend? Are you selling any others? If so, how can I buy one from you?