Monday, August 23, 2010

A Shout Out

Back to school night was tonight. Man I was on my feet all day. So much thanks to the following individuals.
And by default, or not by choice...Paisley.

Chels....she basically lives in the classroom with me.
She made my entire word wall...holy smokes it was like 4 hours of work.
Sally....she made all the crayons today. So much work. Not just art masterpiece crayons.

And him...he shows up when all the work is almost over.

Jk he did write Clark in all of my books. With that boy handwriting guys have you know?
I accepted it with welcome arms. I'm not too stingy. Plus he is so nice to even step foot in all of that cutting and gluing and writing room.
Ps, isn't his DI outfit rockin!?!?!

He did so well at the DI.

You will have to tune in next time for how to make a classroom look awesome in less than 3 days, and how to find hot deals at the DI.

1 comment:

Brad said...

i like that suit on me:)