Friday, August 27, 2010

Looks like its today again....

Another day went by...somehow days fly. Today I woke up just right before I was supposed to be at school. I thought that Brad set my alarm..he's nice like that and usually sets it, but today he didn't. Anyway, I made it here. Now its nearly six and I am putting my little weekend feeder in my fish tank hoping (goldy) that's his/her name for now. What I just realized is my fish is going to have a different AM and PM name...oh well. He can be a two names fish. 

Lindsay is in town, she is Brad sister. Last night we walked to Spoon Me at 10:45 PM. Lindsay was tired and she said she was sick of the guy next to her on the plane asking her...
"Is it business or pleasure?"

She said she wanted to say, "Shut up and I'm putting in my IPOD".

Sorry we went to spoon me like within a three day period, but we like it. We like low calories that taste good. At least I do, I'm off sugar again. I just have no ability to hold back. I just eat and eat and eat it.
Unless I'm off it, then I lose 10 pounds and feel so much better.

Try it for a month or so, I did it for about 2 months and lost 10! But gained it back as soon as I picked up on it again. I love doing it, cuz I lose my taste for it....except BTSC thats Better than Sex Cake, I forget I'm on a no sugar diet when I see that cake.

Today we are celebrating at Los Hermanos with Lindsay and Brad, and Rachelle and Chelsea.

I really can't wait.

Wanted you to see my Reader's Campground sign that Chelsea made. I also have a tent in my little campground....hence where the genius idea of reader's campground came from.

And this is my five minute get ready hair do and outfit. Super cute huh? I thought so. Sarcasm noted.

Have a great weekend.

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Brad said...

the fishes name is gilbert!!!! in honor of the crab that was named gilbert that died:(