Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Taking a Time Out

Sometimes I just sit at my desk at school and laugh. Like a evil laugh. Ahhahhahaha I have you now...
JK, I never do that.

But sometimes I do get bored. You see I was part I am full time Kindergarten!! (I left APX) So I just sit and stare at my classroom, imagining when the 22 little joys get here and I will never sit again. My fish is still living....I am waiting for my class to help me name him. We gotta name the fish ya know?
He's super happy. The crab and tetra fish died within 24 hours of buying them. So I returned them to Walmart in ziploc bags. I'm excited for school to start. But so excited to name our class fish. I haven't decided what its sex should be yet. You know I gotta have that ready or the kids will eat me alive with...
its a boy because...
its a girl because...
I have the greatest kids.

Yesterday I was testing them and one kid leaned back in his chair and kind of groaned...
I said, "What's the matter?"
He said, "UH! I just can't stop thinking about chocolate cake."
I then said, "Oh my, I love chocolate cake. Now you have me thinking about it."

School starts soon and its all I think about.
Yesterday we went to spoon me after the volunteering at the clinic (mostly I don't do much) and Brad's aunt Pam came. She took 10 days to drive to Provo from Myrtle Beach. And her and her daughter Elizabeth went through 20 lessons of Mandarin. She told me that one lesson was about what you would say if a person knocked on your door at your hotel room and you opened the door what would you say...

She said she struggled with that one because she couldn't get past the fact that she was just supposed to let someone in she didn't even know in a foreign country...She said you are supposed to say CHING CHING or something. Which means...come in.

She said when she first took Mandarin lessons she thought she was on candid camera. All the sounds and moaning and chirping couldn't be a real language.

Then I threw my spoon up in the lamp fixture.

Then I decided to throw Chelsea's up, and I was laughing so hard about CHing Ching...I over threw it and it hit Aunt Pam in the face.

Then I realized I was too laugh drunk to throw anymore spoons.

Already I have a tally marks of children who call me Mrs. Clock.
It's cool and hipper than Mrs. Clark. Think I could always wear clock paraphernalia. 


Karissa said...

Oh my gosh Brit, you are seriously going to love teaching this year. Kindergartener's say the funniest things all the time. Please keep writing tons of stuff about your class cuz it makes me remember mine! Teaching is seriously the best! I'm so happy for you. You will have SOO much funn!!!

Bradham BUzz said...

You are too cute! I am excited to read all your cute stories from your class. PS its awesome you have a class pet..I remember growing up the teachers I had with class pets were always my favorite :)