Thursday, August 12, 2010

Roll on

As I started my new job at A P X alarms, I felt fulfilled that I was finally doing something productive, worth while. A job. I may have been a bit over qualified, but it is fun. It is so happy and wonderful.

Today I was notified that I am going to be the new Kindergarten teacher at Westridge Elementary. About 1 mile away from my house. And where all of Tresa and Jon's kids go to school (my aunt and uncle).

I couldn't be happier. I will keep my job at APX and work part time as a Kindergarten teacher. I feel so lucky and happy!! Now I will be ultra busy! I start school in 12 days!!! And I have an empty curriculum book and an empty classroom!! Life may be a crazy crazy havoc, but I have a great husband and great friends and family that are going to come over and help me set up right????

Thanks for all your prayers and encouraging words throughout this long and tiresome summer :) It has been a trail of happiness.

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Karissa said...

AHHHHH! That is SO awesome!!!! Let me know if you need anything, any help or whatever. I guess I can't offer stuff since we've moved :-( but you can definitely call me to get vocal help or something. I know the overwhelming feeling of getting thrown into a teaching job quick. good luck! you'll be amazing.