Friday, August 6, 2010


Sometimes after my birthday I have withdrawals...I wanna go back to the day all about me. It's natural right? I hope so. I had the best birthday from eating four donuts from Krispy Kremes. To hitting range balls in 100 degree weather, to eating at Cafe Paesan and Brad having all my family there waiting for me to surprise me. It was the best surprise. I love their food too. So it was a great birthday. Then we came to my house after and Chelsea had done all my dishes and made me cupcakes that read Happy Birthday Brittany!

So things continued to get better. But now you are wondering what Brad got me...right?

Well lately I always say, I want Krispy Kremes. Let's go. And it is usually 11 PM and Brad is are crazy.

So he got me those..

Such a good surprise. I still haven't eaten the Happy B-day one he made someone write on there.

Well if you are aware I love baths. I love everything about them. I love soaking in there for over an hour. I love reading in there. I love running the water while I am hunched around it splashing it on myself. I love pouring in Epsom Salts to relax my sore muscles. I love it. And at my last apartment I didn't have a bathtub. So anytime I would go anywhere I would ask to get in their tub (if I was staying the night at my sisters or something). So if I love baths, you know my grandma gave me a bath pillow one year. Its pink and blow up and it suctions to the bathtub. And you know I have a bathrobe. But it was thin old and yucky. So Brad got one that is so lush for my birthday. It actually was expensive too, you know you just don't spend money on bathrobes, unless your wife is obsessed with bath related items.
So it is towel on the inside (HUGE PLUS) and cloth soft soft soft on the outside, and it even has these cute borders.
Around the sleeves and pockets. So Brad told me to check the pockets. There was a Ross Gift Card in one, and there was supposed to be an Old Navy one in the other, but since I told him I was going to Gap, he went to Old Navy and I decided to go to Old Navy too, and we ran into each other there and he got mad at me for ruining his other pocket surprise.
Then he said, check the inside pocket. Who knew this robe had an inside pocket.
And inside it were...
Jack Johnson tickets.

I love that man. And I love his songs. And so does Brad. Last year for my birthday Brad wrote me a wonderful song and sang it to me, but...sadly he didn't do that this year :(. But this was a concert full of songs. And we are going this next Friday.

My birthday was a hit, and I was so glad I got to share it with friends and family.

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