Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I wanted to count my blessings. You know kinda rack them up and see what I've got here.
Won 500 dollars cash from Mary Kay. No strings attached.
Bought Brad's car for 1200, lasted us a year and hopefully many more.
Sold my car with a dead engine for 900.
Got involved with a reasearch project for extra cash.
Got mailed another research proposal makin gover 100 dollars a month.
A lady knocked on my door to tutor paying me daily when I was unemployed.
Sold baby wraps and cards at the farmers market when I was unemployed making over 100 dollars.
Sent over 3 wedding presents over a year late when I was unemployed, valuing over 300 dollars.
Saved over 500 dollars in my drawer when I was unemployed. Took it to the bank the day before rent was due.
Got a job with apx alarm with awesome benefits.
Got a job with Westridge school which is one minute from my house.
Brad got a 500 dollar scholarship.
We sold all of our books for more than we bought them for making over 300 dollars when I was unemployed.
Brad found 2 brand next to new suits at the DI for 40 dollars together.
Didn't buy groceries for weeks but in turn were fed by friends, family, and people we barely knew.
Prayed and cried and prayed and cried. And made it. We made it. Now I am double employed, and school starts so soon.
Now we find out that Brad graduates December 2011. Instead of April 2012.
So we are blessed. And sometimes I forget how blessed. I suggest all of you count those blessings, and when it gets real bad, don't think about how bad it is for everyone else, just think about your life, because in my moment its tragic to me, and I could care less about anyone else's trials, because mine were mine, and mine were hard to me, but yet think about your trials compared with your blessings.
I lost my car to a stupid mistake, and had no job, but it all worked out, and in the meantime I had more than enough blessings to keep me afloat. I forgot so quickly, but looking back I needed those trials, they are what made me better. Not that I am perfect. I am not. But I suggest to you, to count those blessings, they should be more important to you than the trials.
Food for thought.
God loves us.


Melissa said...

Thanks for the reminder Brittany ! I needed to hear that this week :) By the way, I LOVE your blog and especially the blog header!

Bradham BUzz said...

Oh how I love you and this amazing post! I love your attitude...and I actually super needed it today! Like I really really did lol. I drove to get gas today and our card was declined and realized we are 45 bucks in the hole lol. Oh grad school how wonderful you are. So thank you for you great outlook lady!

Raquel said...

Brittany, congradulations on your teaching job! A kindergarten teacher can have such a huge impact on a child's lifelong love of learning! Plus they get alot of prayers said by them from little 5 year olds and their parents.

Karissa said...

What a great reminder. Thanks. Amazing how blessings come exactly when you need them, never a second too late, and kinda how you need them most. God is good.

Lisa said...

Congratulations on both your jobs! Thanks for the reminder to count my own blessings.