Sunday, August 1, 2010


Welcome to the new month!! Today was such an amazing day at church. I bore my testimony, and I feel like a testimony is so powerful, and you really realize how much strength people have, and you yourself can have. But I just wanted to remind everyone that you need to serve others, and what a more perfect way than indexing. I made a goal to index at least one page every Sunday. I think you should make that goal too. Not only will it bring you closer to the Lord, but it will help you be excited about the Lord's work, and gospel.

So start today, make it a habit, and love it.

It's important, and what a great way to spend your Sunday.

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Ash & JD said...

I'm glad you wrote this post because I use to do indexing all the time during/after my genealogy class at byu and then I stopped. I just downloaded everything on my computer so I could start up again!