Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Sabbath, Keepin it Real Holy

Today after conference, we decided to have a party. Landon and T (Tiera, t for short, well now I just made it long) came over for 2nd session. We went to the park and had our own little baseball game. That's where the holy comes in. You see, my family believes that sports is okay on Sunday, if you are doing wholesome togetherness. I won't get in to that, and you can enjoy these pics and just be filled full of joy after conference.

Which by the way, I loved and I don't think I have shared my testimonial on my blog ever, but maybe someday.

 Brad says I lunge and reach for the ball too much. Then he said, "We will work on that."
Oh okay Brad, since I'm going pro soon, let's work on that lunge, get my swing perfect. I didn't realize how majestic the mountains are at Rock Canyon (which is just right across the street from our house).
 Brad, EVERY SUNDAY, begs me to go to the park (and every day) to throw the baseball with him. But me.....never having played baseball, am not his favorite partner in baseball. But we own 3 mitts, 3 bats and ten or so baseballs. Brad has sport fetishes. (THAT IS A WORD!) He is on baseball right now.
 We had a full team, Brad played pitcher for both teams. The teams were, me, sally and T. Against Brad and Landon, so yeah, full teams. Then Chel and Alex showed up, Alex got back from Africa, so Chel has a husband again. YAY!
 We had a few rules. Like boys had to hit it past the bases for it not to be a foul ball. But they rarely did that. Mostly they hit it over our heads by about 20 feet. No matter how far we scooted back.
Boys had two outs, 3 strikes, we had 3 outs, and 4 strikes. We were up by 17 before the boys played their last, at the bottom of the 3rd inning (look at me and my baseball talk, so cute). 35 to 34 was the final score.....BOYS!!!!! So typical. We couldn't pull through, but that was such a good day today. So much joy.
 Then Brad and I filtered through all his mission stuff after watching The Best Two Years, it was memory lane. Then I took a bath while Brad and I played Would you Rather....
His Best: Would you rather me be and doctor and infertile, or be an ice cream man and be fertile, and you have to work the rest of your life.

I chose ice cream man, because I want my own kids.
My Best: Would you rather have no toilet or have no shaving cream. He chose shaving cream because he doesn't mind soap. So really that was my lamest.
(Most of ours included too personal, detailed, or just down right ridiculous, and TMI)

Now I just set my alarm and it says I am going to get 8 hours and 3 minutes if I go right now. So I think I'll go.

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Natalie said...

hahaha. Playing would you rather with your husband.
That sounds like the best married life.