Monday, October 3, 2011

Characteristics of the Monkey

Nothing too excited happened today. You know the ush (short for usual).

We drew pictures of our families.
Did the normal center time.
It's red ribbon week, so today was wear your clothes backwards day. I didn't get into it.
But tomorrow, is wear your fav sports team to school day. I had the kids guess what I would wear...
Texas (that's all they could guess, they knew no teams)
A few of them kept yelling soccer, with the hopes that I would say, "YES THAT'S IT! THAT IS MY FAVORITE SPORTS TEAM, SOCCER!"
Oh five year olds.
But my favorite was a little sweet soft spoken boy...
He raised his hand and said: Cincinnati Braves?
Welp sure sonny. If that were the right team mascot combo.
But you will have to stay tuned for what my favorite team is.
In the mean time, does this monkey one of my student's drew have some interesting characteristics???

1 comment:

Brad said...

the monkey has boobs and nipples?