Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Back in the Old Days

When I was single...I wrote in my journal every day. Every day. I have written maybe 3 pages in my journal since I got married. 2 years. So I decided ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Marriage will not defile my journal writing skills.

It all started when Brad found this picture on his phone, and we couldn't remember when or where it was taken. We found out the date, but had no idea what we were doing on that date. So I went to my blog, nothing. And that is all I had. I need to document better. So journal writing is how I will do that. Plus marriage at first goes by so fast....and I like to remember things, but I think they aren't that interesting at the moment....
But later its so great to go back and say...OH YA!!!!
I remember.
Remember.. I love that word.

Basically what I am getting at is a wanted a new journal. All my journals are half way full, but I needed a fresh start, something to motivate me to write it in. So I looked online, I looked at Deseret Book, I even reserved a book at Barnes and Noble, you know the old fashioned Italian Leather Handmade Journals....but then I started looking at the other ones, and this one stole my heart.
Oh wow....doesn't that just send a surge of adorableness through your soul??????
My ancestors are def, going to appreciate my birdie style here.
They are going to brag about their GREAT GREAT GREAT x10 great Grandma who had style with her journals.
If you don't think this is to die for cute....the pages kill you with cuteness.

Apologies for my unmanicured (NOT A WORD) finger.
Welp I gotta go.
Brad is singing about a hickie on my neck and its really a bug bite.
I need to punch him.
And I have to write in my journal.
Can I write about sad things, even when the pages are so happy?
Did I tell you Brad wrote me a song for my birthday and just sang it to me 2 days ago.
He said it wasn't right.
I don't care. It's always right when he writes songs for me.

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Natalie said...


I am the same way. I was the BEST journal writer before marriage...and now it's very sparse. Everything is just so exciting all the time, I never stop to write. I need to start again too. Kelly does like a million funny things a day - I need to document that.
Thanks for reminding me :)