Thursday, October 6, 2011

I made him..

I was craving Hamburgers....
So my hamburger outlet.....
Of course it is my outlet.
Oh it was so good....
Brad made me run 4 miles that night.
And I know what you are thinking....Brittany is a diagnosed exaggerator.
But for real, we did run this much. I even downsized it.
Brad said we ran about 4 1/2 miles.
Geez, I'll never go to In N oUt AGAIN!!!!
Who am I kidding?
Brad has this grow out his hair thing.....he wants it to look like a beach babe....I love him and all, but I am hoping this turns out okay.
Its beyond delicious.
Brad always thinks he can see fat deposits in his neck after he eats at places like this.....
You think with how smart he is, he would know that isn't possible...I don't think??
For fat to be there within an hour, before the food has even begun to digest...
Did you know nutrients are absorbed when your food is traveling through your intestines? At least that is what I understood from Brad telling me things.

Tomorrow is Friday.
This is when I love thinking about the weekend, relax, lots of baths, lots of reading my book.
Not when you are married to a psycho who is NOT a home body!!! AND has to pack every minute with activities.
Maybe he will be mad at me for calling him a psycho, but after he realizes that he has a package in the mail from He will love me again.

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Natalie said...

I just blogged about hamburgers too! Kind of....

You and Brad are cute. And this post made me want to eat In n Out. REAL BAD. Soooo good.

Good job running. I think after I eat In n Out, I just go into a food coma.