Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Get out of the HOUSE!!!

 We needed to get out of the house Saturday. We were just being bums and it was rainy and dreary outside. Brad did go shoot guns in the morning...but I just didn't feel like doing anything. But we decided to get in the car and see where it took us.
NYPD Pizza in Draper.
I was happy to go, eat some pizza, I wasn't sure where the Honda would take us next, but I knew Brad would come up with some places.
I used to not like Buffalo flavored pizza, but one time I ate it when I had strep and I couldn't really taste it, but I could taste it more than anything else, so now I love it, because that little taste was put into my bod, now I love it.

The Honda took us to Guitar Center.......It's quite the paradise for Bradley Bear. He walks around dreams about all this equipment and guitars, then we leave. This has happened at least 3 times, but this time we bought something!!!!

Two guitar stands. 10 dollars. Steal!!
Brad has this obsession with Man Vs. Food places. Here is a little waffle place across from Pioneer Park that Mr. Man Vs. Food went to.
It was small but so rich and divine. Way better than the Awful Waffle here in Provo. This one had these sugar clumps that caramelized and became heaven and bliss in your mouth.

We packed our Saturday, and mint.com (best website ever) now tells me that we are very close to going over our restaurant/ fast food budget.

That is why I held off on eating out today, and yesterday. Thai food is going to have to wait until Saturday again. (We have this new eating out rule, once a week!)
So far we have saved a couple hundred a month!!!!! We are eater outers.
www.mint.com keeps me real focused when it comes to being strict about the budget.
Try it.
OH a little update on Brad's medical school life....
So far he has been invited to four interviews.
Texas Tech El Paso: DONE
Texas Tech Lubbock: DONE
Ohio State: Halloween Day
U of U: NOVEMBER (We found out about this interview today...quite exciting)
I will let you know of any other exciting updates.

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Robnz Fam said...

Can we help him out with some rides to and from places? Like the airport, OSU, hotel..you name it? I hope he enjoys it here! It'd be awesome if you guys ended up here!