Saturday, August 4, 2012

BIG day.

What else could we shove in this day???
Let's put two important things on the same day.
Brittany's birthday, and Bradley's White Coat Event.
This post will show how crazy it was......long and lots of pictures.

It was such a perfect day. 
Brad had to go to school from 8-1 pm. 
I decided to get a pedicure. I researched online forever about where to go in Lubbock. I had the perfect place in Provo, and I only went there 3 times in the 6 years I lived in Provo but I loved the foot massage, and they really sprayed it with acrylic so it lasted at least a month. I don't really care about my toenail paint looking good, I'm in it for the foot cleanup, cuz let's be honest, I don't know how to (don't have the patience) to clip all that extra skin, file, cheese grate and all of that other jazz. Plus, last time I checked I don't have a massage chair that has a foot bath, nor do I have an Asian expert at my fingertips....

So I researched, read the reviews, and found a place that was fairly decent priced and there was at least one review on the other places that they left bleeding...I didn't want to bleed, and I know reviews are hard to completely believe because it could be a unique situation, but even if I went to one of those....I'd be worried I would bleed the entire time.
What did people do before the internet? Oh I know, word of mouth. 
So this place was great, walked right in, Asian old man sits me down, doesn't speak a word of English. He had to repeat to me 3 times the word 'cut' with a  question tied to it. Cut? But put that in your Asian accent and say it so fast, and I had no idea what he meant. I think he was asking if I wanted my toenails cut....I just said yes, and everything turned out okay. So he kept rubbing my legs with all sorts of things. He didn't rub my feet at all! My heels still look like poo. Normally they cheese grate it all off. But he did like 15 different coats of things on my legs. They are baby skin smooth. So thank you, but I really wanted you to rub my feet, because Brad is getting sick of it.

I got back home and Brad said to me, "You can make me a sandwich if you want."
Then he quickly said, "No don't its your birthday."
Oh yes Brad I can't do anything nice for anyone on my birthday! It's all about me.
So I made sandwiches, he got home, we ate, got ready and Brad kept giving me countdowns...
Brit 11 minutes.
Brit 7 minutes.
Brit 3 minutes.
Brit 1 minute.
He's a little paranoid about this whole med school thing. But I am so glad he is taking it serious. He needs to. And its cute.
We took some pictures before, to remember my birthday and this event. I am almost 35 weeks pregnant.

Look how handsome he is. 

Gotta get the frontal view. I'm glad you can see some bump here and not just tub of lard/a huge roll.

So we got ready for Brad's White Coat Ceremony. It's weird being alone for big events. I'm so used to having so many family members supporting and being there. It feels surreal, but Brad and I cherish and cling to each other more than ever now.

I think I am doing great with my hair/makeup clothes, then I walk into the garage. 
Then I get in the car, I always bring a cup of ice, with a ice cold bottle of water every where we go here. 
I always have a little sweat going on. By a little I mean every crease in my body when I go outside. If Brad and I go into a store we come back to the car and our backs don't get any A/C so they are soaked. 
It doesn't cool down here at night either. Sauna. Dry Sauna.

Those of you who don't know what a white coat ceremony is....
neither did I.'s apparently a big deal.

Felt like graduation.

All these doctors are important people, Dean, Assistant Dean, and other important doctors that are his professors. 

This is his boss. Mr. Dean. Dr. Berk.
He was kidnapped, and wrote this cool book Brad is reading right now. They gave it to them at this graduation, I mean white coat ceremony.

He's a pretty funny guy.

We watched 150 students go through this process. It was really exciting for me to watch Brad, not so much the other 149.

So for those of you who wished you could have been there. He first handed his card to be read.

Then he walked across the entire stage. No one tripped....

He got to these nice doctors.

Handed them his coat.

They put it on him. See how he is reaching back like that? Well after the first half of students went, they switched doctors that were putting on coats. And the Assistant Dean is a woman,  and she took the place of the doctor that has the dark hair. She was holding the coat right at her stomach. (Try to visualize this, as I try to explain it the best I can). Then the guy (not Brad) getting his coat put on by her reached back not looking, and he was searching for his arm hole with his hand and put it right in the Assistant Dean's cleavage. She jumped back and his arm found the arm hole and they went on as if nothing had happened. Whoopsy!!! He got a handful!

It was pretty awkward for everyone.

But Brad did it pretty smoothly.

After this step they take a picture.

Brad did a smirk.

Then a smile.

Yay Brad!
Shake hands.

Thank you thank you.

Now to walk to get his diploma, I mean book.

He got his book and this professor/doctor is funny he gave the invocation and benediction, but I didn't know whether to close my eyes and fold my was strange, he said, "Oh our Holy one, take these students into your service." Then he would turn to the students and say, "Students work hard and stay true......" Prayer....or open conversation with God while communicating with others? It was interesting.
Then they opened the curtains and said, CLASS OF 2016!!

Then I found Brad.

He was so cute.
We made eye contact during the doctor's benediction. I was laughing and he was trying SO hard not to laugh because he could see me!!! 

Now if you weren't there, and you wanted to be feels like you were right? Through my fast shooting with no flash. I think I took 82 sample pictures first on other students so I could get Brad's right.

After the ceremony and luncheon with finger foods. Brad loves this white coat, I caught him trying it on. He is so excited, and he loves the fact that starting Wednesday he is going to be in one class, anatomy, and it may consume his life, but he loves that anatomy stuff.

After this party, we went to Walmart, because Brad INSISTED upon making me a cake.
So we got my favorite things. Funfetti cake and Rainbow Frosting.
And I love Bryers Mint Ch. Chip.
He said, "Choose whatever ice cream you want."
Then I said, "What do you want?"
He said, "Brit its your birthday choose something."
I said, "Well what do you want?"
Then I just chose what I wanted, and its like it hurt me to think he wasn't going to enjoy it....
He did enjoy.

He said, "You got this right Brit?"
Like we don't share money or something. He always does that to embarrass me in public.

We have heard of this Cagel's steakhouse in Lubbock. Expensive but our A/C guy bore his testimony about it to Brad.
"First time I went to Cagel's and I took that first bite, I had to use my mind to tell the rest of my body to slow down."-A/C guy with THICK TEXAS accent and cigarette in his mouth.
So we had to try it.  But FIRST...I opened my present.
I've been telling Brad for months what I wanted.

He couldn't get this one wrong.

Look at that baby in there. He is squished.
And those legs are freshly rubbed by my Mr. Asian pedicure man. Notice the shine!

This smile is real folks!

Also, this rug is heaven. I splurged and bought it at Costco, it makes a home a home.


Thank you Mr. Guitar Man.

And of course, he wrote me a song, that I will swore to never release the lyrics nor the song itself, but just know I cry every time he writes me a song, and he thinks its retarded that I want to tell everyone how great he is, but it took him 15 minutes to even play it for me, so he would never let anyone else hear him. But I can say this about this top secret made me melt. Like we were dating again, that melting feeling you feel with that guy when he first touches your hand.....Melt.

The drive to our steakhouse.
I was surprised at the location.
Kinda middle of nowhere.

This is Lubbock, no mountains, and HUGE SKY.

Brad got the three meats. There was a side buffet, called Fixin's buffet.

I got the 16 ounce Ribeye. 
You know how I feel about MEAT. Yes I ate it all, but the waitress handed it to Brad first, then he had to tell her it was mine. She was a little shocked, but.........I always clean my plate Ya'll!!! (I can really say that now I am a Texan).

Brad did such a great job!!


Now the best part is the party below.

Don't judge my house. I know I should be moved in since I have been here 7 days, but my house is really big, and its hard to know where to put stuff?? Weird complaint I know, but I just want everything to be in a perfect place....and I'm pregnant and take a really long nap everyday. :)

So soon I will show you a cuter house, for now just enjoy our party!
This birthday was one of my best by far. I didn't have family to celebrate with, but I am so happy to be in this stage of our lives, and I am so grateful for Brad.
My family called me and everyone was on the phone singing happy birthday to me. I just started to bawl. I don't know that I am so missing them, or just so grateful for them. So grateful I have people that love and care about me so much. So grateful to see all the family that loves me so much and has always been there for me. My family is one of the most important parts of my life, and later that night I just cried and cried while Brad held me, and I made him tell me what he missed about home.
Here I am tearing up writing this...
I am so happy to be here, but it doesn't mean I cannot miss all that I had in Utah, and yesterday I realized how much I am going to miss.
And Brad is such a good support and it made me feel better that he was missing things too.
He is always so tough and I just thought he was fine with this move, it felt reassuring to know we were together in this.
I love Utah, but I know I will soon love Texas.
Now I'm 24, Brad is officially a medical student, and Baby M is coming in 5 weeks + a few days!
We have So much to be grateful for!


Raquel said...

Oh my goodness you would think Brad was my son, I was teary and so proud of him, then I realized a big reason I love him so much is because he loves my Niece so much that whom absolutely adore! Happy birthday Brit, Texas is really lucky to have you there, spread you wings and let others get to share in the the fun you create wherever you are!.

Erica+Matson said...

THat VIDEO was funny! Hahah "27 said they were coming, 2 maybes..." You guys are too funny!! Miss you!

Karissa said...

Happy birthday!!! Looks like you had quite the day. Congrats to Brad on the white coat, that is very exciting! My hubby's sister and husband lived in Lubbock for awhile. He was getting a phd in some financial thing I think. They loved it there and had a great time! Way different than Utah, that's for sure! Good luck with everything and with the baby. You look great and I'm so excited for you to be a mom! You'll love it.