Thursday, August 30, 2012

Finding Things

So when I first got here, in Lubbock wasn't hard to find things to do. I had to unpack...slowly but surely, somewhat decorate, and do all these projects for my baby's room. Now that that is all done. . . it's find things to do time. You see I'm pretty immobile. Moving+Brittany+huge belly+baby's head pushing on my pelvic area=not okay. I have 11 days left until my due date. Now I would be happy going into labor anytime now, except not tomorrow. Tomorrow is Brad's first anatomy test in medical school. Now I have never been to medical school, but it seems like you have to be pretty on top of things to be successful. I counted the awake time I have seen Brad this week, I'll add in today's time as well. Monday 20 minutes in the morning, 45 in the evening. WHOA 1 hour and 5 minutes.
Tuesday...I didn't wake up in the morning, but he wakes me up to say goodbye so 10 minutes, and 45 minutes in the evening. We are at 65+55 minutes. Wednesday, another 50 minutes, today I woke up with him and spent about 30 minutes with him, made him toast, then tonight I will see him for probably an hour. So 1.5 hour. He studies with friends so he isn't at my house studying, sometimes they go to campus. If they were here....I would interrupt them too much. WateR? Cookies?
So awake time with Brad....4.5 hours, in 4 days. It doesn't get to me unless I have nothing to do, so I am trying to stay as busy as possible. It will get better when his test is over. But the poor Mr. he is just a zombie. Studying and learning from 8am-10 pm every night, then into bed as soon as possible.

Brad: Brit let's do our race tonight.
Brit: Ya I know I know.

Race to see who can be in bed first. He always wins. Then I read scriptures and he is always asleep before I finish.....this is so not my husband. I am the one who is asleep in .01 seconds. He tosses and turns for 2 hours. But.....the tables have changed. I am the wide awake one feeling the baby kick and roll around until it puts me to sleep.

But I have found the rec center here, and I sometimes just watch people play basketball and wish it was me. Last night I had a dream I was playing basketball pregnant and I couldn't dribble or shoot, and it was really embarrassing and I hated it. Like the dream where you are running but you can't run, ya that same thing. Every time I got the ball someone would steal it from me or I would spaz and lose it. And I couldn't move like normal. Now I played basketball clear up until 6 months pregnant! And hardly anyone knew, just wear a baggie jersey and you are good. But there is one athletic thing I still can do.

So if you are feeling like watching someone swim a lap, take a rest, then try to swim 2 laps at once, and nearly drown.....come watch me at the rec center.....If you are pregnant and haven't taken up swimming yet....its time. There is a point when you suck up, realize you aren't a swimmer and just get in the pool because you can feel some serious relief from the buoyant force.

I only get 23823982 weird looks everytime I go, so I decided today I am going to take my other 9 month prego friend with me. That will turn some heads. Two beer baby bellies in the pool. 

I see these signs EVERYWHERE here..... and I love the advertisement but NO sank you. Not for me.
Even though I get the looks when I am on what a ..............well little do they know I am not an undergrad that had a rough night. I am happily married my dears, so whisper and laugh all you want. And my wedding ring gets enveloped in skin if I wear it in 102 judge away. Never in Utah :)

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Jen & Tim said...

Yay I found you! I'm so excited, I love reading other blogs :) Definitely a hobby of mine! I'm so excited for your babe to come! It looks like you're loving your Texas life, and we don't live TOO far from each other. We spent a night in Lubbock on our drive down here :) If you ever come down this way for some reason, let me know. I'm excited to see all your adventures on your bloggie!