Saturday, February 23, 2013

Meet my siblings Day 1: Meet Faith

A long time ago, I posted about my siblings. In 2008. Wowzeroni. Now I want to do it again. Starting with Faith again of course. My family has loved looking back at their personalities and even used it for projects and such. I love all of my siblings-yes even the flatulent ones. (Brad will say I have no room to talk-he says the Hansen's have gastrointestinal problems-whatever that means).

The first time he met Sally-she farted. The first things she ever said to him was, "Sorry that reeks."

So my family is special in my heart. Very special, and being here in Lubbock makes me appreciate them and love them more than ever. And having a little boy grow up without being around his dear extended family constantly, breaks my heart. So this will suffice until Landon, Tanner, and my dad and MAYBE my little Faith, will travel to OK 5 hours away to do a pivot job. More on that later gater.
PS I have this SERIOUS rhyming problem right now. Everything I say last, I throw in a non-word rhyme. I know its strange and disturbing burbing.

So my siblings go as follows. Brooke, Tosha, Hannah, Tanner, Summer, Landon, (me-Brittany), Sally, Shad, Echo, Ethan, Chandler, Ammon, Ian, Lad, Faith


The first thing I can say about her, is that she loves to hug and kiss and be all up in your face. She turned 5 in June, and my mom wasn't ready to send her to Kindergarten because the class was going to have 40 kids, and I advised her against it, and my parents live 30 minutes away from the school (its country folks) and it was going to be half day. So my mom just said-can it. Really I think its because my mom has a little attachment issue, but that's okay for a mom of 16 to have that problem with number 16.

Faith has this thing about saying the cutest things in the world. When we were getting Miles' ultrasound at 20 weeks, she came with us. She was talking and talking on the way there then we got there and SILENCE. She was in shock or something. We told her we were going to LOOK at the baby. Then as we were walking out she said, "Brittany, where's the baby?"
I said- In my tummy, silly.
She said, But I thought we were going to see the baby today.
I said, We did on the screen.
She said, But I couldn't see it, why don't we get it, let's get the baby out.

I continued to tell her that I was not HAVING the baby today. We were just having an ultrasound to find out if it was a boy or a girl.

She then said, Ohhhhhhhhh Why didn't you tell me!

Oh Faithy poo.

My favorite video of her ever is one I took while I was driving.....ya sketchy but I was looking at the road in my defense.

If you aren't facebook friends with me you probably will not be able to watch it.

Faith loves her sisters, and its like she has extra moms. She also loves my mom and goes with her everywhere. The other day I called my mom, and my mom handed her the phone and after talking to her I said, Ok where is mom? She said, Oh I she went into a store.
Me: What! She left you in the car? Are the doors locked? Where are you?
Faith: Hmmm I don't know I just see a building.
Me: Oh perfect aren't you scared? A bad guy could come. Make sure the doors are locked.
Faith: Okay hold on, I'm watching this movie and I gotta push pause so I'm setting the phone down.
Long pause, hear scuffling. 
Me: Faith? Where is mom?
Faith: I don't know but now I am scared, is a bad guy going to come?
Me: No, well I don't know.
Faith: Well I'm going to go find her.
Me: No no no no just stay in the car.
Hear a door slam.
Faith: How does this snow get so dirty?
Me: Faith what are you doing? Go back to the car.
Faith: I'm going in this store but I can't see her....hmmmmm.
Me: Okay go back to the car right now.
Phone cuts out...

Awesome I just helped my little sister get lost who knows where they are.
My mom did end up calling me back saying that Faith did go back to the car and my mom came right back out and apparently they were not at a real like grocery store but some honkey donk print shop. was all going to be okay.
But I did realize I am more paranoid than both my mom and Faith apparently.

Faith is so serious about being tough and winning and she loves everyone.
So many times she has just thrown a total fit when I have left, so mostly we sneak out without saying goodbye to her...its easier.

She obviously is spoiled being the youngest of 16, but also kinda independent. 

She cried when she found out Miles was a boy. She went to the ultrasound that day as mentioned previously and she really didn't like it when we cut the cake and found out it was a boy.
She started to cry right away. I don't like playing with BOYS!
Well she actually does....hence why Miles got the Chicken Pox from her.
All her kisses behind our backs.

She went through this stage of grrrrr smiling.

She still calls me Brinnee.
I don't mind.

She loves to tease and kiss and hug.

She also loves junky things...hence why she went crazy with my jewelry a few years ago at my house.

She has the blonde and blue like nobody's business.

She wants everyone to hold her and hates being left behind, which is ironic her being the rear end of our family.

But she also is the highlight of our family. She makes us all laugh and not take life so seriously.
She is a bit spoiled by all of us.
I think my parents are tired frankly, so they have loosened up in their old age, so Faith throws a fit and they just watch her and go on about their life.
If I would have thrown a fit like that I would be apologizing to everyone and kissing whoever I just punched....but she has spunk and more personality than all of my siblings put together.

She has 5 older Echo who is almost 19 is her closest she is boyish.
She's long and lean, and will probably be taller than me so I officially will be the shortest sister.

She is so observant and doesn't miss a thing.
She loves her niece Jemma and probably sees her the most because they live the closest.
She is so helpful if she wants to be. With Miles she will do anything and play with him forever.

She can be quite moody at the drop of a hat. That's just her fire.
She is such a thinker and always saying things that make you go hmmmm.....I have really NEVER thought of that Faithy.

She loves life, and doesn't like it when she isn't involved in everything. (PS I'm pregnant in this picture-so excuse the lardy)

She is adventurous and hasn't been scared of anything. She is silly and happy and kinda clingy actually.
Sometimes she just never stops sitting on your lap playing with your hair and kissing you on the cheek. Its so funny because my mom is NOT like that at all, and yet Faith is like that to her, and to me and to her sisters. She is everyone's favorite sister, and how could she not be, her energy and excitement is contagious, and I love her.
Faith Sibling Number 16

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Erica Tanner said...

So cute. Love the Oreo video and the phone call I was laughing so hard by myself reading it.