Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Meet my siblings. Day one. Meet Faith.

just tell me what part of her you dont love. Is it the ketchup with ice cream getting older on her cheeks. Or is it the blonde mess of hair? Or is it the eyes that are piercing blue?

Those two teeth are sharp. Sharper than they look. But let's focus on her cuteness.

Faith is a charming little thing. Let me tell you some things about her. We knew she was coming years ago when my mom decided she wanted 3 girls named Faith, Charity, and Hope. Charity is none other than Echo Charity Hansen..but this post is not about her. Wait your turn Echo, geez. So five boys after Echo, comes Faith. She is now a year old (Born June 15, 2007). She adores Chandler, my brother. Echo loves to torment Faith by grabbing Chandler around the neck as if she were hurting him and Faith lets out a scream of fear that Chandler might die and not be able to carry her around for hours upon end in the endless days of the summer in Standrod. So you can only imagine Faith's love for Chandler. So...enough about that the real business is Faith's personality. She doesn't let out piercing screams, I would say it is a combined grunt scream yelp. When she wants something. She will reach out her little arm and lean when you are holding her. Its like your compass. One minute you think you are headed in the right direction then SkAduSH she is pointing you West, wahBAM east, CaLIDESHKABPOQW you are now going North. So yeah. Thats Faith. She crawls alright, but gets real mad when you try to practice walking with her. She hopefully will decide that walking is faster. She loves giving kisses and love love loves her mama. Her words consist of da da. Which is a representation for everything living and unliving. (unliving isn't a word, but it does mean things like a chair) So Faith is my little sister. Faith is number 16. Is my mom having kids. I asked her a few days ago. This was the convo.
Me: Mom are you going to have another baby?
Mom/Darla: Not today.
Me: I know but are you?
Mom/Darla: Go get me that rag.
Me: goes to get rag and hands it to her
Me: So are you?
Mom: Not right now.
Me: I know but are you ever?
Mom: Not today.
So. Faith. We love her. Some say she looks like yoda. Some say she looks like Ian did. Kinda turtleish. Dont judge, just love her. You will love her.


Just Some Dude said...

She's got the kind of face that makes you want to pinch her off and take her with you.

Brooke said...

Firstly...maybe we should consider going private...(since "pinch" means steal)

Secondly...if I didn't know you, I would still consider your blog one of my daily highlights.

You are pure talent. I'll be your agent. Let's chat.

Brittany said...

hahhaa just some dude is my friend aaron brooke. HAHAHHA

Eric & Hayley said...

Brittany, I wasn't around last year at info so i had no idea your mom had another baby. How exciting. So upon reading your post you said that's or ppl total including parents? I bet you have the funnest AND craziest family get togethers!

SaRa MaRiE said...

That was so entertaining to read about all ur siblings and u! i think i started at the wrong end but oh well! ive only met....3 including u but i cant wait to meet the rest:)