Sunday, February 24, 2013

Meet my siblings Day 2: Meet Lad

Remember how I am doing a montage of my siblings??
Well Lad is next. Number 15. Lad was named Matthew Lad, and I still call him that....and it is fun to tell people his name is Lad.

Its weird maybe a little, but it fits the little chap just perfectly.
Ever since he was little he was such a hard worker. I remember him working with Landon all the time. 
He would be following him along without saying one complaint but just doing what he was told.
He is quiet and kind, but has a temper of some sort.
See his previous SIBLING post HERE.
I was so surprised by him after bringing Miles home for Christmas.
He loved him. Truly truly loved him.
He would always want to hold him and play with him. He would go check on him for me over and over again while he was sleeping.
He also would run up 3 floors just to go get me his Sophie the Giraffe, or his blanket, or a diaper.
Truly a gem little Lad.
Its sad to me that I am not around my siblings to watch them grow up, but Lad is obviously number 15, so he is the bottom of the patch, meaning he is the littlest boy, which means he probably gets left out a little, and he probably has to fend for himself a lot.
My favorite part of Christmas break is when we were all playing Uno (like 13 of us) and I laid a draw 4 on him, and he couldn't handle it, it was too much, he put his head down and started to cry. Brad tried to console him and Landon drug his head up and said, "Toughen up."
Then it started happening on anything, when he got skipped or sometimes he would get a draw 16 after they all piled up. He was just in and out of tears that entire card playing experience. (Ian as well-number 14)
Finally Tanner (number 4) said, "These two just can't handle any type of defeat, they are too tired."
So then Sally (number 8) (maybe Echo (number 10) I can't remember) said, "You guys just need to go to bed." And they both ran out of the room crying going different ways.
Clearly they were gamed out.
He is a passionate little boy and loves kids, loves legos, and loves his family.
He is a hard worker and good at taking care of things.
My prediction is that he will be successful in life.
My mom says he will get home from school (ever since he was in Kindergarten) and get his homework right out the minute he walks off the bus and starts working on it. Then finishes it and puts it right back in his backpack. Oh I love him. He was my little sweetie baby. My Miles reminds me of Lad when he was a baby. Chunky and sweet.
Love him.
Lad Sibling Number 15.

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Justin and Carissa said...

Loved reading about your family. (I read them both but just commented on one!) Especially liked the story where you were on the phone with Faith and you freaked her out. Remember they live in the country...there aren't bad guys in the country : )