Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Did You THink? Did I think?

It's so crazy to look back on my Feb 2008 and compare it with my Feb 2009. I wish I would have written more, just like I should be writing now. Let me introduce you to this excerpt.
Feb 20, 2008
Well looks like I have news. Not married people news, like I'm Pregnant! Or Im getting Married!! But single person news. I got accepted to my major. Early Childhood Education, now I will be done with school 3 semesters from now, excluding my semester of student teaching. So 2 years and I can step into the adult world. This was enthralling news but lets just say under a table that I was not surprised. Although I also somewhat got accepted on my study abroad. Alternate, meaning that if some Welsh speaking person decides they want to go to Wales, they have heads up over me..so they will contact me if there is any spots..well only like 7 students get to go if that..so its a pretty small program. But!! My travels will not die if I dont go to Wales on a study abroad.

Wow.... Now let me introduce you to this excerpt.
Feb 24-2009
Still not pregnant or married! OR ENGAGED!!!!! JFYI (Just for your information)Little did I know I would be a junior in Early Childhood Education right now, and hey look I have no news, and Heck Im still not married, but ... Just know I wont be serving a mission come August 3, 2009 when I turn 21. Oh its for various reasons..I guess mainly I want to graduate first. And I dont feel particularly prompted to serve a mission right now. So now that that is off my chest. Yes off my chest. I can go on with talking about myself, and not my chest specifically. I guess this is why mainly. Him. Don't even tell him his hair looks thin, he will get really angered. :)
I first would like to say that yes I did partcipate in State Bball, here is my sister summers blogpost about it, if you dont believe me. CLICK HEREAnyway, we did sleep on Murray and Raquels floor, I will include pictures, I promise, just like Brad's vday present. I promise. And my promises mean something I swear. No I dont swear. Yah I guess I do in my dreams. I recently had a dream Saturday night where two guys knocked on my bedroom door and I went to the door and they had mustaches and looked to be of the Mexican origin. Yes orgin. Anyway, dream, then back to life. So my dream..I answered the door with, "What in the H do you want?" That was only the beginning of my swearing dream, and I know there will be more to come. But...I think in the end of my dream after one man of Mexican origin ate the other man alive, while I escaped in the Dodge truck with twine holding on the headlight, ya I think that's where I realized this was not real life, NUMBER 1 I was swearing..and I dont really swear all that much. NUMBER 2, 2 men are not going to just knock on my bedroom door, what about the front door? And if they wanted to kill me, wouldn't they just come in? Duh. NUMBER 3 Man eating a whole man in the process of him turning into a monster, a green monster...ya not real. NUMBER 4 I wasnt even sleeping in my bed while having this dream, I was sleeping in my sister Echo's bed. Did I just talk about my dream for like 15 lines? My bad. Back to my current life. I will stop tangenting. Thats not a word, because it has a squiggle line. So..I just spent two hours doing an assignment, then I lost it. Then I redid it in 15 minutes cuz I was so mad. I just kept saying, in this lab, out loud...THE ECONOMY IS FAILING AND SO IS THE FREAKIN INTERNET. Great. Internet down. Brittany's life over. To prove that the internet is failing, look at the picture I uploaded, this is the best one after like twenty minutes of reposting it. Lame i know. I guess I should introduce you to my typical day. ha, like you all wanted to know it. You do. Trust me.
Monday: Brad picks me up at 7:30AM (blahk) Why do I do this? Well...I hate parking on campus and I dont have a sticker and I dont have class until nine and this way I can procrastinate my assignment until the morning it is due. I just wrote due as do, then I changed it to prove I really am a college student. Anyway, Brad has class at eight and has a parking sticker and nobody goes to class early like Brad so we always get parking, and I don't like not seeing him for longer than like..uh four hours. Well, maybe more some days when he doesn't gel his hair. Jk. Jk. He doesn't read this, thank goodness. Who really reads this anyway? Who makes it this far? Without skimming. Ya probably nobody. Thats okay. Therapeutic this is. So I'm only at 7:30 am, wow I suck at hurrying. So we walk to class together holding hands, lame huh? I told him I would never hold hands with him when we both have backpacks on, but its just sooooo HARD to be abstinent from holding hands. So both of us have class separate class until noon. Then we go home and eat lunch together, then he goes to work, and I usually do homework until I have class again. Or sleep. Usually sleep. This is boring me, I'm changing subjects. I read a whole book today in like 2 hours. Abraham Lincolns Biography. Did you know he didnt like to be called Abe. Respect him. Ha! He was incredible. Absolutely. Without him and Grant, we would have lost. Seriously. Why am I saying we, what if my reader is a Confederate? Whoopsy.
I am reading a lot of books. Thank you Children's Literature Class. I love it. I love reading. If Brad didn't exist I would just go home everyday and forget my social life, forget to eat and read. Read until I slept, then wake and read again. What is the typing limit for a blog post. Freak I long surpassed it. I guess to talk about my day...Brad consumes it. Landon and Brooke exist in there, as well as class. But mainly if I am not in class then I am with Brad, last night we went to the hot pots in Midway, better to go at night so you dont know what is going on in the pond like festers. Oh I sleep good when I go there. Way good. I really like them. I guess my days are spontaneously wonderful and I am super happy with my life. Ha, maybe I should have posted. I am happy!!!!!!!! But I didnt. So now you read this to find out through context clues and foreshadowing if I 'really' am happy. Shmmmmahhh. I am. So. So. So. Except when computers freeze. I hate that.


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I never skim.

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Me neither.

The Poulsens said...

I definately do, sorry but the truth!! ;)