Friday, February 13, 2009

Puke in My Face

So...I read books sometimes, okay, all the time. Add my textbooks to this list..and the library is my weakness. Seriously. I have to check books out if I walk in. I have to. Like already 15 books this week. Anyway..I live in Provo, can we just move on from Provo and BYU soon? No? A year left? Oh great. So I was going through some pictures and I wanted to make some statements about some of them. Obviously my statements are different now, than they would be back in September when I got home from Peru, but Peru just makes me think about how lovely life is....even outside of Happy little Mormonville Provo. Come on, everyone knows we are in this bubble of skewed reality. Even if you don't want to admit it. Everyone knows it. Everybody except...(some of my friends, and professors..yIKES!)

So I always tried to take pictures of this churchy the square of Huancayo. I always seemed to struggle. Smog, dirt in the air? I dont know. But it was beautiful, and I guess this might be too much personal information, but on my last day there I went to the center by myself. All by myself I took a taxi, and sat in this center, right next to this cathedral, and watched the pigeons and tried to speak Spanish with a lady who knew President Bush, apparently, or maybe I'm just crazy. I didn't take my camera that day, I didn't want to be a tourist anymore. I wanted to feel Peruvian. They almost thought I chacos threw them off. Probably.
Never have I had the need for a watch in America, because my cellphone never leaves my body. Either its in my bra, my pocket, my purse, my bra, or my hand, or against my face, or plugged in next to my bed. Always one reach, button, touch screen away. . . So No need for a watch. Peru, my cell phone had service, but I just shut it off and never attempted even texting. I wanted to be away from that. I almost got one, but then I loved not having one. Instead of like knowing where the person was going to be all the time, you just guessed, and if you were wrong, then you waited for them, and if they never came then you were there for a reason according to fate. I just loved not having direct communication with everyone. It made things so interesting. Like one time we were trying to find the school where we were supposed to learn Spanish and I had a rough address of what we thought it was, but apparently it was in English and the driver didn't know English and I didn't know the Spanish word for Tupac, I am serious I think that was the street name. Ha, anyway..we were lost. So we just drove around forever, then I asked the driver if I could borrow his cell phone just really fast to call and find out what the real address was. He wouldn't have it. He snatched it up from his middle console and clung it to his chest. Like I'm some freaky possessed tourist, gosh I'm not insane. I guess my foreign blue eyes, and foreign blondeish redish brownish hair, and my sugar white straight teeth, and my fancy chaco shoes were too foreign for him, too unreal, I guess I wouldn't trust an outsider either. Oh let me add that all the taxis were like lesbian cars. Sorry that is a stereotype. Sorry all you who google search and find this post, go ahead get mad at me for stereotyping a car lesbian. I just researched the meaning of the word lesbian and did you know it is alluding to the poet Sappho of Lesbos, whose verse deals largely with her emotional relationships with other women? Well its true, and I found that on Thank you So, that was our car, almost identical, except some stickers all over the back, and a huge teddy bear hanging as a rear view decoration, or like a Mary hanging from the mirror, or like a huge massive cross with real rubies on it. Okay maybe not real, but they fooled me. Taxi drivers have rubies. I promise. Okay tangent, obviously I could go on forever. Where is Jana and Megan so we can really get going. I think Jana and Megan are coming to VEESit me in March, which I am way excited for, but I know its just going to be a whole BUNCH of inside Peru jokes, which anyone around us will die and go to h, before listening to that. Ha, Ill pull out my archives of pictures, that will be fun. wahoo. Anyway, back to my story. Well after he declined my cellphone use, I told him to find me a pay phone and waste more of his gas. He was mad, I could tell, but its his own dang fault he was a brand new taxi driver and didn't know tupac was a street we needed. Pay phone found. Jana couldn't figure out how to drop the money it. And the taxi driver seriously hated us because he wouldn't get out and tell her how to put the money in. Maybe he really hated us. Maybe he wanted to hit on me while Jana was out, no I doubt it, because he kept checking his time, and I know what he was thinking (of course he was thinking it in Spanish) he was thinking, Get these white chicks outta my lesbian taxi. Get them out right this instance. If I could tell them how ticked off I am, I would. If I could cut off their United States hair, I would. If I could tell them I don't want their 3 soles. I would. Oh I hate these United States girls. Oh I hate them. They are wasting all my time, I could have had 6 other customers by now. I could have. I am not getting out of my car to show that dumb red head (sorry Jana, I am just assuming what was in his head) how to put money in, isn't she supposed to be smart? I am not getting out of my car or this sugar teethed girl will steal my lesbian taxi, just like she tried to steal my cellphone. Thats what he was thinking. And if I knew his Peruvian cell phone number I would call him and have Brad, or Murray, or Tosha translate for me, and I would ask him about that time he took three white chicks around Huancayo, he would remember, and he would be annoyed. And he would tell just what I said he was thinking. Because I could read his face. Dont worry, I gave him 6 soles, when he only thought he was getting three. This means..even though he hated us all the while, he was cursing us in Spanish, then I nicely handed him those 6 soles and said muchos gracias like 18 times and smiled with my sugar white teeth. I hope he won't curse the next white chicks he gives a ride. That was a really long drawn out story. I apologize. But... I just needed to get it out of my system. Its been sweltering awhile now. I guess the point of this watch picture I started to discuss earlier before I was very distracted was...we didnt use our cellular devices, so about half way through we bought watches 5 soles each, and barbie, which phil called bobby watches. Accent alert. Ha! He was saying barbie, it just came out bobby to us. Anyway..we bought watches, which we couldn't wear at the orphanage anyway, because they ripped them off. I broke mine very quick, like 3 days quick, Jana broke hers much later. Then I just kept the face in my pocket. It served me well. Thank you bobby.
Jana and I went shopping in the mall, it was pretty sweet, it had all sorts of different levels but was way skinny. Like 7 levels. But to avoid further distraction. We found these really awesome people made from styrofoam and plastic and im sure other materials, but they were very strange, and it really made me think about how alone and frightened I would feel if I had to be in that mall in the night time, when these creatures came alive.
This is Ceci. She was like my mom. She didn't cook for me, but she loved me all the same. She gave me this miracle pill, when I had a cold that was so bad I couldn't really get out of bed for a day, and it made me better, I didn't ask what it was, I just trusted her. She had this baby, whom I held as much as possible. This baby was her son by the way. Adrean. I think I spelled that wrong. Ah well. She was so sweet and hugged me all the time. I think her friendly joking manner made me love Peru, made me love her house, made me love it when I danced with her in some Americanized resteraunt. I love her, and sometimes she writes on my facebook wall. I promised her I would fly her to the United States. What should I show her when I finally do? Hmmm?
Now for the most important picture. My substance for the time being. I ate at least ten of these a day, at the orphanage I ate about 6 in the morning with just butta, then nothing the rest of the day till I got home at like whatever time i got home, I cant remember. Bread, and jam. Wow it was so much better than any bread I have had here. I don't know why, maybe it was just food that was somewhat similar to what we have here...Not sure. but I ate it. Probably too much.

Maybe I wrote too much. I don't know when to stop typing, I don't know when to stop talking either. Oh well. Don't worry, I'll post about V-day tommorow, or maybe in the middle of the night when I am ready to give him his V-day present. Oh man, if he doesn't love it. I will die. I will die.

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