Thursday, February 26, 2009

What happened in Boise?

Oh look community of bloggers, I finally posted something about what I promised I would post. I am not a failure. I also lost my memory cards for a few moments (I previously told you that) then I found them again, and that inspired me to load all of my pictures on to my hard drive. I had three memory cards left to do this with and only accomplished one, in two hours. It just takes forever. I dont even know why. Maybe its me, (probably not) maybe its my computer, (more likely) or maybe its bad luck (probably this one for sure).

Well we went to Boise, Idaho and nothing too exciting happened. Until you look back at the photos, and you will see that a few very exciting things happened.
Happening #1
Yep, Murray is my uncle. He is my dad's little brother by like ten months. Meaning they are the same age for two months, but you could have figured that out on your own..maybe not though. So despite his lovely face and my double chin of ugliness. Well I wouldn't call it a double chin, its more like a cottage cheese chin. Like dimples all over that could replica my leg when I squeeze it. (Or sometimes even when I don't squeeze it. But don't you even dare tell Brad I'm not perfect, because he really thinks I am) Back to Murray, wow sorry Murray, I really didn't mean to tangent on you like that. That was disrespectful of me. So..Murray is my uncle. Probably the closest uncle to me of my dads brothers. Ya, he is, not even probably about it. He is similar to my dad in a few ways, but his voice is different and I can tell Murray's voice immediately when I hear it. And really, I have never heard a voice like his. So, if you don't think he is strikingly handsome in this picture, then I apologize because I wanted to post it of him and I. I know that I say oh I'll talk about my uncle Murray later, but really right now is perfect. And although this post is supposed to be about Boise. Murray is such a huge part of Boise. Can you please understand that? K, wow. So Murray has lived in Boise for as long as I can remember and he is married to Raquel. Who is a kisser, and I told Brad she was gonna kiss him probably. She didn't but she did mention it to him. Well don't worry he is a kisser too, I would know. (too much information?..oh well) So Murray and I and Landon grew up together. We would always drive down in Murrays big truck to Boise to stay with him and Raquel before and after they had kids, we would sleep in their big bed with them and play the fishing game on the way up. Now people, the fishing game..its great. Its a hand held game where you fish, you reel it in, and I cant remember the sayings it says to you, but they are awesome. AND! It vibrates when you catch a fish. Who doesnt wanna play that game. Okay, so then when I woke up Sat morning after half sleeping on the floor and half sleeping on the bed...that sounds bad, i wasnt half on the bed and on the floor, i actually spent half the night on the floor and the other half on the bed. Actually more of the half was on the floor. Tangent. Okay so I woke up Sat morn and went and laid down on their bed, and its not huge anymore. I just learned the dif between lie and lay. Lay is for objects, and lie is for people. I think. So I want to go lie down. Where as I would say, oh let me lay down the law here people. Ya Im right. Wow, glad I learned something in English. Okay. So..Murray, I feel super close to him and he is incredible and we all slept on his floor. One picture took me 30 minutes. Wow, I need to speed myself up here. Hw is awaiting. Okay here we go to ....
Oh wait, one story. So Aaron (brooke's man) came in when we first got there and said, Oh I have to take my shoes off, I have been shovelin manure, in a joke, And murray of course, really takes his shoes off because of manure because of the farm work he does and Aaron had no idea, we didnt fill them in about anything, except me telling Brad Aunt Raquel kisses. So it was kinda funny, maybe you had to be there sorta thing. Maybe I could have retold a little better. Anyway you get the story, thats what matters.
Happening #2
Rock Band, with Wii. Yes we played rockband until I passed out on the floor asleep and Raquel passed out asleep on the couch and the little kids were still playing at two in the morning, and then something possessed the little ones to put in star wars. Talk about a party with 10 year olds. Here we have Bradley, who could pass for a ten year old in this picture...(good thing he doesn't have interest in my blog, or I could be a single woman for saying that) then Chandler who is my little brother who is eleven I think...Then Aaron who does not look ten but yet a dashing thirty! Then Carter and Gabriel. Who clearly are youngins. So..a family entertainment using technology and music as the content integrated here. (Can you tell I write lesson plans in my sleep? Well I do)
Happening #3
honey, the guitar looks too small for you, and you look too involved in this game, is this why you beat me in mario carts? And is this why you always win those hockey games you play with your friends when I'm doing my homework. Or when I am making your book. This is why you are really good at games, because you said you lived on this healthy for you? Is this bad for me because you will consider me a game and have this predictable outcome everytime a problem arises? Maybe I have analyzed this a few sentences too long. I'll move on. Good thing you are good with guitars and rock band, or you wouldnt fit in with my family. At all. Goodness. Im relieved you are. So its a positive thing. Great.
Happening #4
Brad saw that I was taking the picture and in order to not look caught off guard, retarded, or too involved in the wii game that it could be detrimental to his health, he did a peace sign, which is so cool. So cool. Then we have Chandler, who is in between levels on Rock band. He is too good for easy, but not quite good enough for intermediate. This causes problems, cuz he is really bored when he does easy, but fails the whole song when he does intermediate.Then little Shay, she just sang her heart out, and when the words came on 'Im a smoker Im a winner' we kinda cringed that our cute 7 year old was singing this, but its a family activity right? Right. So Murray just chilled in that seat, then I went and sat on him. Thats the first picture. Sorry I never was good at 'put this in chronological order'.
Happening #5
Now we have Brooke and Aaron...whom love to sing together. In fact Aaron did a nice job of screaming at times when it was extremely necessary to scream. Everyone thought it was totally normal.
Happening #6
This is Raquel. She is my kissing aunt I was talking about earlier. She is 8 or so years younger than Murray. :) Perfect for each other. She works as a nurse for like 15 hours straight, then came home and partied with us. She is awesome and I love her. Now Gabe runs around in his underwear, but who wouldnt if they could say their brain wasnt completely developed yet and socially saw no harm in it. I know I would. Sorry too much information again. I didn't really mean to get his bootie so perfectly in this picture but he threw himself back in a backwards summersault right when i pushed the click button.
Happening #7
Now you see the real reason we went to Boise. Sally's bball tournament. State Tournament. So right here in this action shot, she got fouled. And her arms are blurred. I know blurry pictures are fashionable at times. But I really love this one. She did amazing in her game and had 20 something points and was an incredible Senior in those last minutes of game time for her last game ever. They lost but to me, she won. And she is a state champion.
Happening #8
Landon was there and he sat by me, then Brad took my spot and sat by him. Sometimes I think they fight over me, or side against me. Or just leave me out completely and talk about mission stuff. Landon you are hot. Remember that, but not too much remembering.
Happening #9

Uh Brad and I...This is Brad's half-hearted smile photo, and its my, wow I cant hold a camera steady when you are touching my face with your face photo. Brad had monsters on his shirt, which Faith kept pointing to and saying "BOO!" Like she knew they were monsters, or we told her they were monsters and she knew that monsters say of the two. Or maybe something totally different that I have failed to analyze.

Happening #10Sally!! Another action shot of wonderfulness. She likes to drive it in. The girls on the other team were like 6'3''. Seriously probably weighed 200 pounds too. Sally guarded her well. So well that she stopped scoring.

Happening #11Foul shots are awesome.. Because everything is still except the ball and the hands. I love them. Little room for failure. Sally is perfect and how can you mess up a shot where everyone is still?
Happening #12So they lost and this is Sally's I'm trying not to cry face. They did win Academic State Champs. Due to having the highest GPA. Which is incredible and congrats.
Happening #13Obviously I tried to console her. Obviously she just wanted me to go away. As for this picture quality. I like it. It shows a lot going on. A lot more than you would ever know unless you knew the story. Coach has helped her become as good as she is, and he is sitting next to her. Me..I have been her closest and bestest sister since day one, and then Summer is waiting to have her turn of sympathy. And....I can't even explain how wonderful relationships between family are. Just try to imagine.
Happening #14
I didn't know she made this face. It was just her way of saying, I dont really want to smile for this picture, but I am. And, I was pretty sure I smiled a little too much after a loss. I should have shown anger or sorrow. My bad.

Happening #15
Now this is the whole family. That came...Minus my parents. Do I really have to type all their names? Can you just pretend like you know them all? Are you going to remember if I write them all out this time? K Fine!! I'll do it. LEFT to Right. Faith, Brooke, Me, Echo, Summer, Chandler, Sally, Landon, Ethan. There we are, in all our Hansen beauty. Oh my photographer was the last hope and choice, as fifteen other people were taking pictures. And she was like nine. And...yah she was a trooper though.

Hot Happening #16

Yes this happened. Now I would like to say he is way photogenic, but I swear he is so much hotter in real life. Maybe thats just me. Maybe I like to see his facial expressions that make me think him hot. Sorry if I am making you throw up in your mouth. Sorry. But he is....he is hot.

Happening #17

He has this problem though, its saggy pants problem. he sags them because he doesn't really buy his size, which creates issues. Here we are in JCPenny after the game because Brooke had to buy tights to wear to churcho the next day. Brad my dearest. Let's find you some pants that fit you better. Ya? No? Okay sag your pants, and lets get a chain to hang out your front pocket around to your back.
Happening #18

Echo and Brad again.  You would think they were dating, probably so did everyone in the store. Brad can pass for a ten year old and Echo could pass for an 18 year old, so...they probably are dating, and I just dont know it. I'm creeping myself out.

Happening # ALL DONE

Of course the only close ups of myself are ones I take myself of myself with my own camera. Of course I am ending on this, because I am respectably done with this post.



Krissi said...

I thought somewhere in that post you were going to talk about your adorable Valentine's gift to Brad. Can you post more randomness on that subject PLEASE?!

Raquel said...

Oh how we love you!!!! Hope you come back for track. Hug & kiss Raquel

Brittany said...

Ok..... Brit bashes on me quite a bit in her blog. I would just like to clear my name on a lot of things. First of all.... Brittany is just a little jealous that I can score higher than her in nintendo. Yes, this means in rock band, mario kart, etc. When a lesser talent at nintendo sees a threat to him/herself, the first thing that is criticized is the face. Next, brit was just mad that I was giving most, if not all of my attention to Echo. Then what does she do..... makes fun of me for not being able to afford pants that fit me. Deseret Industries is the best I can do Brit. Sue Me! All I can say to this post is..... ouch. That is all.

Brittany said...

that was brad. he struggles with the whole, sign into your own name before posting a comment.