Friday, February 20, 2009


Did you see this post coming?!??! Ha, well basically I should be posting about VDAY presents right now, but since I'm not, I'll post about my V-day man. The reason why I havent taken pictures of the item I made him for VDAY is because I lost one of my four 2gb memory cards, and that sickened me. I couldnt even look at my camera for fear that I had lost all those pictures. But...then I found it plugged into my digital picture frame which landon gave me and I love, and I love him for that too. Anyway, so I found it, but now Brad and I are driving to Tremonton to meet up with Brooke and Aaron to then go on to Sally's state bball. So here I am reassuring all of you that I will show you at some point. I promise.

Back to my love life. Ha! SO Brad and I spent V-day together, and its funny how things work out. And anyway I should be posting about something exciting that im doing but really im not really doing anything that exciting. I just ate a footlong at subway, and that five dollar any footlong is a genius because subway was packed. I couldnt even see the floor there were so many feet. I got a chicken terriaki. So good.SOOOO good. This is dumb. Ha, that I am writing about this. My brakes in my car are going bad...bought some for Landon to change...but he hasn't yet. Typical guy, always taking forever. Jk. That isn't typical guy, thats typical girl. Sorry girls. So here I go to BOise Idaho. Wish me luck. I'll say hello to Murray and Raquel, as we will be sleepin on their floor. (Hope I get to sleep on a cot, jic there is rats).


Robin said...

So my question is Are you engaged??? You are killing me with anticipation!

Krissi said...

It was good to see you at Sally's games this past week. And to meet your hunk-of-hunk-of-burnin'-love. You two are cute together. I just love your family!